5 Most Famous Hotels in Los Angeles, California

Aerial view of a Downtown Los Angeles at sunset
Aerial view of a Downtown Los Angeles at sunset

There’s a special kind of energy in Los Angeles, California that can’t be found anywhere else.

Made up of equal parts of that special brand of California sunshine, the gorgeous natural landscape of the California coastline, and the 24/7 easy energy of Hollywood celebrities, it’s not hard to see how magnetic this city has become.

Visitors from all over the world flood into LA on a yearly basis. Many of them hope to catch a glimpse of Hollywood royalty while out and about, while others are more interested in soaking up the history of the Golden Age of Cinema whenever possible.

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to snap a picture with an up and coming A Lister or just want to hunt down Hollywood’s greatest ghosts and memories, the most famous hotels in Los Angeles, California can help you pull that off!

Hotel Bel Air

Hotel Bel-Air, 5 Most Famous Hotels in Los Angeles
Hotel Bel-Air

Few hotels in Los Angeles have the same kind of history that the Hotel Bel Air has.

A world-famous destination since it first opened its doors for business in 1946, anyone that’s anyone in Hollywood has spent at least a night within these walls.

Screen legends like Paul Newman and Robert Redford spent a tremendous amount of time at the Hotel Bel Air, just like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly did. Other Golden Age of Hollywood cinema stars fell in love with the architecture and the accommodations – and the layout of the hotel still is jaw-dropping.

You still have a more than decent chance of bumping into a top-tier celebrity if you’re spending a night at the Hotel Bel Air. There’s just something about the atmosphere here!

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, 5 Most Famous Hotels in Los Angeles
The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Almost a century old already (and prominently located on the list of LA Historic Cultural Monuments), the Millennium Biltmore Hotel was another spot that attracted superstars from the Golden Age of Cinema.

The coolest thing about this hotel is that it hasn’t succumbed to the “burn down and rebuild” DNA that the city of Los Angeles has sort of embraced over the last 50 years. It still has a lot of that old world charm, a lot of that classic Hollywood feel, and the aesthetics of movies from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Unsurprisingly, plenty of movies have been shot on the grounds of this hotel. We are talking about movies like Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills, and Chinatown. It’s also been host to eight different Academy award shows.

It’s well worth a visit!

The Hollywood Roosevelt

The Hollywood Roosevelt, 5 Most Famous Hotels in Los Angeles
The Hollywood Roosevelt

This hotel (built in 1926) was designed to be a West Coast “twin” of The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, but with a lot of Los Angeles flair.

Considered by architects today as a textbook example of the Golden Era of Los Angeles Architecture, this mammoth property was originally financed by screen legends like Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford.

In the 1950s the property did see a bit of a decline. New ownership considered demolishing some of the more historic components of the property at the time, though they only followed through with the elimination of some of the archways and coverups of the painted ceilings.

In 1985, though, the property was purchased by the Radisson Group and returned back to its former glory.

Now home to more than 300+ rooms (and 63 suites), Hollywood history fills the walls – and the outdoor walkways!. In fact, it sits on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is directly across from the legendary Hollywood Chinese Theater.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel, 5 Most Famous Hotels in Los Angeles
The Beverly Hills Hotel

Maybe the most well-known of all the most famous hotels in Los Angeles, California, the Beverly Hills Hotel was built back in 1912 – before Los Angeles was actually considered a city!

The architecture of this property is completely unique and unlike any other hotel within the city limits (anywhere else on the West Coast, for that matter). The signature pink and green colors have become iconic around the world, and people from across the planet hope to spend at least one night within these walls.

Known in its heyday as the home of the “Rat Pack” led by Frank Sinatra as well as superstars like Humphrey Bogart, the property is also the inspiration for the song “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

No visit to the city is complete without taking a picture by the famous sign (the very least).

The W in Hollywood

The W in Hollywood, 5 Most Famous Hotels in Los Angeles
The W in Hollywood

This hotel doesn’t have the same kind of legendary pedigree that some of the other hotels on this list have, but it does offer one of the most picture-perfect LA experiences for modern travelers.

Luxury from top to bottom, the moment that you step through the front door you are almost overwhelmed with LA energy. Sleek, modern, and absolutely immaculate, there’s just something about this property that oozes California cool.

All of the guestrooms are well appointed, the amenities are absolutely top shelf, and the on-site restaurant (Delphine) is a regular hang out for the A List of Hollywood celebrities today. If you want to try and “bump into” a modern-day superstar of the big or small screen, The W is where you’ll want to spend at least some of your time!

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, this list of the most famous hotels in Los Angeles, California isn’t 100% complete – but it is very representative of the energy, style, and the architecture of this West Coast city.

Los Angeles is a world apart from any other city on the planet, in part because of the California culture but also because of the impact Hollywood and the entertainment business in general has on the city’s population.

You can’t help but feel a little cooler when you are spending time at these hotels!

If you have the opportunity to spend even just a single night at these hotels you’re going to be creating a lifetime of memories you’ll never regret. Make sure that you keep your camera close at hand and snap plenty of photos. You never know what kind of celebrities might pop up in the background!

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