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Best Luxury hotels in New Delhi

New Delhi Overview

Although it is frequently used interchangeably with Delhi, the capital of India holds a separate identity. The iconic city exhibits the rich culture of the East, with colourful inlays and vivid layouts. The whole city has evolved with time and now it is one of the cities anyone in the world can name off of their fingers.

The architecture and construction of this city were proposed and built by the British during their rule of the sub-continent. Edwin Lutyens, a renowned British architect, was in charge of the whole affair and we can see today what his work has become. The city is an amazing place to visit for tourists, rich with natural and man-made attractions.

But there is no fun in sightseeing if you can come back to a nice comfortable room at the end of the day to relax. Here, we will learn all there is about the best luxury hotels in New Delhi, where you stay during your trip.

1. Roseate House New Delhi

Roseate House New Delhi - Best Luxury hotels in New DelhiLocation

This is probably one of the finest names in the New Delhi hotels and ranked 1 on our best luxury hotels in New Delhi list. Located at a distance of 2.8 miles from the international airport, this magnificent black building is a hulking yet breath-taking structure, quite prominent in the New Delhi skyline. This glorious 5-star hotel features some of the best and top-standard services and facilities. Let us look at these one-by-one.

Rooftop Infinity Pool

First of all, comes the feature that probably sets this apart from the others. That is the rooftop infinity pool: a swimming pool located on the rooftop that stretches to the edge of the building. This pool is amazing just to look at. If you want, you can go for a bath or sit at the poolside while enjoying some local delicacies. Or on a nice sunny day, sit on the deck with a glass of cold drink in your hand looking at the stunning sites of the city. 

Rooms and Suites

Then come the rooms and suites. The accommodations at Roseate House are extremely comfortable, lavish and luxurious. The room provides a soft and comfortable bed, a workstation, a nice T.V screen, and numerous amenities. You can kick back and relax after the long tiring flight or the car ride. Stretch your tired legs and take a nap on the plush beds.


Then we have the bathrooms. The beautifully made bathrooms, inlaid with marble, are extremely pleasant and comfortable. The pleased customers have often listed the bathrooms as some of the most satisfying factors of their stay. There is no excluding of this feature from any of the rooms: meaning to say that even the most basic package comes with these features. 

Now that we have covered the accommodation services, let’s move on to the things you can enjoy once you step out of your room. 

Aheli Spa

First comes the Aheli Spa. The word ‘Ahelii’ means ‘pure’ in Sanskrit. The Aheli Spa features four therapy rooms. Here you can indulge in various treatments like massages, yoga, and Ayurveda. The point of interest can be that Ayurveda in all countries is practised as a foreign art. However, in India, it is a domestic treatment which is performed far better than anywhere else in the world. Similarly, in the Aheli Spa, you can enjoy this therapy from the hands of the masterful Indian Staff, 

Furthermore, in the Aheli Spa, you can also enjoy a beauty salon, steam room, and sauna. This place is open in the day time and you can enjoy all of this before heading out to enjoy the city itself. 

Fitness Centre

Then there is the fitness centre. For visitors who like to perform their daily fitness rituals even while travelling, this fitness centre features a state-of-the-art gymnasium, full of equipment and fitness machines. 


You can enjoy the local and even international cuisines in the restaurants located inside the Roseate House. DEL, a restaurant providing international delicacies can take you around the world in a diverse culinary ride. KHEER is a restaurant that provides visitors with more local and street food. Fun fact, kheer is actually a sweet-dish made in Pakistan and India. It is a delicacy these countries are quite known for and if you are ever in the region, it is something you should definitely try out. 

Furthermore, the hotel provides various teas to its visitors. The hot drink often served in the west with the name of Chai actually stands for tea. The locally adept and delicious teas will give you a fine taste of the exotic culinary treats in store for you. This hotel deserves the top spot in the best luxury hotels in New Delhi list.


2. The Leela Palace New Delhi

The Leela Palace New Delhi - Best Luxury hotels in New DelhiWhy The Leela Palace is one of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi?

Are you looking to take a break from the usual five-star hotels you can find in most cities? Why not go for something that is characteristic of New Delhi? Why not try something unique?

If you are the one asking these questions, we have the best answers for you. The Leela Palace can take you from the normal world to a culturally rich and traditional journey, full of comfortable accommodations and excellent facilities. This hotel has been ranked as #31 in the world’s top hundred hotels. This exotic and majestic hotel leaves everything behind in its wake. We can see the potential of its exclusivity by the fact that it has established a monopoly by being the only modern palace hotel in the capital. 

Architecture and rooftop pool

Combined with modern architecture and the cultural touch, this hotel is the place to go if you are looking for comfort and Indian heritage. The rooftop swimming pool combined with the oriental domes and minarets can look like something out of a dream. The poolside seating arrangements can provide an elegant view of the city through the glass windows. 

We have listed all sorts of facilities and features in the previous hotel reviews. This hotel demands that some unique and excellent qualities be listed that are only present there. So let us look at these exclusive features. 


The hotel falls quite close to the centre of the city. Popular landmarks and shopping centres can be found quite near. You don’t have to wander far to entertain yourself and enjoy the traditional part of the city. The location of this hotel is very convenient and comfortable. When it comes to the distance from the international airport, it is also reasonably close. 

You can go to various local tourist attractions. The city is quite rich with these and there is a very low chance that you will get bored. If you feel like shopping, places like Chandni Chowk hold importance and significance as being the leading markets. Here you can buy various souvenirs for yourself. You can buy the eastern handicrafts and the eastern dresses to keep as memoirs of your visit. 

Rooms and Suites 

Coming back to the accommodations of this beautiful hotel, the rooms feature comfortable furniture, lavish bathrooms, and a modern age charisma. The floor to ceiling glass windows makes the whole room or suite look futuristic and modern. There are a lot of rooms and suites from which you choose your most ideal. 

Gym and Therapeutic sessions

The hotel also provides treatments and physical facilities like gyms and therapeutic sessions. This includes the Ayurveda, the Indian art of healing. You can really enjoy the domesticated treatment just how it is supposed to be. In other countries, it is performed as a mere rendition of a distant art. In New Delhi, you can enjoy the real thing. 

Fine Dining

There are multiple restaurants in this hotel as well. One of the main ones, The Qube, is made up amidst an intricate and beautiful glass structure. This restaurant provides an open kitchen, where you can see the delicacies being artistically and aesthetically made. In this restaurant, you can enjoy buffets, which are open at different times of the day. If you wish to indulge in the culinary experiences of the west, Le Cirque and MEGU from New York are there to fulfil your needs. 

As we said before, there is nothing in the modern 5-star hotels that this hotel does not have. Above we have learned about some of the things that only this hotel offers.


3. Taj Palace, New Delhi

Taj Palace, New Delhi - Best Luxury hotels in New DelhiOverview

Modern hotels nowadays often are so centred about the splendour of their buildings that they forget the joy and beauty nature can bring. As Keats said: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. 

Ranked 3rd on our best luxury hotels in New Delhi list, the Taj Palace has not failed to make itself stand out and one of a kind. But instead of rivalling others with the intricacies of its services, it has instead done so by the naturalistic and lush surroundings of the hotel. Spread over six acres of beautiful gardens and lawns, this hotel exhibits and possesses a beauty upheld by any other.

If you step out of the hotel, you will see greenery spreading out amidst the pools and fountains on the grounds. The man-made additions that were inserted into the scenic landscape blend in with the lawns in an extremely artistic manner. 

Rooms Facilities 

Other than this, the hotel provides an amazing array of services and accommodation options for its visitors. From small rooms to spacious suites, each living space is filled with appliances and amenities. From electric kettles to flat-screen TVs, you will find various amazing items that will help make your stay more and more enjoyable. The bathrooms that come with the rooms are fabulously made. Toiletries and complimentary gifts from the hotel itself can provide you with even more satisfaction and ease. 

Fitness and Spa

Furthermore, this beautiful hotel has a fitness centre built on it. Here visitors can work out as they like. If someone wants to do extensive and rough training, they can easily find the equipment. If someone wants to do some light exercise, adequate equipment can be easily found. All sorts of preferences and customers are considered and taken care of.

Once you are done with your day, you can relax in the Jiva Spa. Or if you like, you can comfortably lounge in the swimming pool which is moderately regulated for maximum comfort. 

But you may ask yourself why should I choose this hotel when the things it provides are also provided by other hotels in the vicinity? What is the trump card, the winning quality and the exclusive feature that I should look for? 

Air Purification

In this hotel, the exclusivity is firstly the standard of the services it provides. Granted that these services are not ground-breaking new inventions but still, the way they are delivered should be enough to convince anyone of this hotel’s magnificence. But if that is not enough, there is yet one trick this place has yet to show.

That is the air purification system. It is no myth that in the areas that are so busy and bustling, air pollution and general purity of the air is in a deplorable state. But if you step inside the Hotel Taj Palace, you will breathe air that has been cleansed and purified. Imagine walking around with your each and every breath being a physical relief. The pure air can do wonders for relaxing. If you wish to take a nap, you will notice the difference in the air you breathe and the way it helps you sleep. Your entire body processes will be heightened and improved. 


This air purification system is something that sets this hotel apart from the rest. But there is more yet. The hotel also provides customers with multiple dining options. Filled with culinary artists, this hotel can provide all types of dishes. Each of them is cooked to perfection and served in a setting that will calm and relax you. 

From European cuisines to the local Indian dishes, you can enjoy all sorts of experiences here. The native excellence of the domestic dishes is unmatched and unparalleled. If you are from the states, you will know how popular Indian food is. Dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Biryani and all sorts of delicacies are revered in the west. People love to eat these dishes.

Now if something so delicious was to be prepared by someone with honed skill and a native technique, the whole experience would be a fantastic journey of bursting flavors and rich taste. That is what you can get at the Taj Palace. 

Location and Services 

Located in the Diplomatic Enclave, this hotel provides easy passage to the city and the vital tourist attractions there are. You can go to shopping malls, various stores, and local landmarks to spend some time there. To get an idea of the excellence of their services and the lengths the hotel goes to provide you comfort, you should know about the butler services. The hotel provides you with a butler if you have booked a suite or if you are sitting in the main lounge of the hotel. The butlers and staff can look after your every need and make you feel content and satisfied. 


4. Holiday Inn New Delhi International Airport

Holiday Inn New Delhi International AirportLocation

This hotel is located quite close to the international airport. Due to its closeness to the airport and due to the amazing services you can find here, it is used frequently by visitors and tourists. The accommodations here are extremely lavish and comfortable and ranks 4th on our best luxury hotels in New Delhi list. The convenience of these rooms leaves nothing to be desired. 

Facilities and Services

The hotel provides top-of-the-line services and facilities. Each of the rooms has a range of amenities for visitors. The hotel also provides a complimentary transportation service which you can use to get to the airport or get from the airport back to the hotel. This hotel also provides a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool. You can relax here after your tiring journey. 

If we cast an appreciative eye on this hotel, this is actually an amazing place to stay. Because being so close to the airport, anything it provides after the necessities is something that can be appreciated. This hotel is a five-star hotel and given its location, it can be the best place for you to stay during a brief visit. 


There are also quite a few restaurants where you can enjoy various cuisines and delicacies. These include Chinese, European and even the local Indian dishes. 


These were some of the best luxury hotels in New Delhi. The city is a beautiful and very enjoyable place to visit. With its amazing history and rich traditions, you can never get bored. The landmarks and cultural buildings in the city are some of the most popular tourist spots. The heritage of this city is reflected even in the architecture.

To make your whole trip enjoyable and fun, you have to choose a nice place to stay. There should be someplace where you can go to at the end of the day and just indulge in relaxing activities and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. 

The hotels we learned about above are some of the gems and jewels of this category. They are the front-runners and leaders of the hotel business in the city. If you are looking to get pampered and just lose all your stress, these hotels are some places where you can achieve that. 


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