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Brighton is one of the most pleasing cities in United Kingdom. It is a seaside resort which is known for its outstanding value for tourists. There are loads of activities and attractions for the visitors. Beaches in Brighton are considered as one of the best in UK because they offer much more than a plunge into the English Channel. 

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is one of the most famous beaches of UK. It is vibrant, energetic and clean with various attractions other than the exotic ocean in front. Brighton Beach does not have any sand it is a pebble beach but it’s extremely vast. Although, you may not be able to build that giant sand castle of your dreams on the beach but you can add amazing pebbles to your collection.

This beach is encompassed in a cove which means that the water will be shallow. It is quite safe for families as the water is shallow. The beach lacks the facility of a lifeguard which is why you need to be a bit cautious. However, this beach offers much more than its clean shallow water. 

You can enjoy a lot of sport activities on the beach. If you’re in the mood to enjoy water sports than stand-up paddle boating and kayaking should be on your list. You may think that you would not be able to enjoy much of the sports on the surface because of the pebbles but interestingly, you will still find hoards of people playing volleyball and Frisbee.

Stroll along the beach to find various other attractions. Many fashion, photography and furniture traders are selling their services by the West Pier. Go for a shopping and don’t forget to bring some souvenirs. Furthermore, toilets are easily accessible on the beach and many restaurants are there to fill your appetite. Don’t forget to try the famous fish and chips from the local vendors.  

Places to visit in Brighton

There are many amazing tourist attractions in Brighton. Nature has blessed the city with beautiful seaside views and beaches but along with that it has a rich culture. 

Royal Pavilion is an early nineteenth century structure that seems to be picked straight from an Indian historical magazine. Royal Pavilion was designed by John Nash. It was later used as a royal residence and holiday resort by Prince of Wales, George. Nowadays, the Brighton and Hove City Council owns the Royal Pavilion and it is open for locals and tourists.

Everyone loves aquarium, right? If you think that I am right and you’re about to visit Brighton, you are in for a fun ride. Brighton is famous for the Sea Life Centre, world’s oldest operating aquarium. Unlike, the aquariums of this era, it has a Victorian design as it was built in 1872. Even though, there have been many modifications and renovations over the years, Sea Life Centre still offers that beautiful Victorian touch. Apart from seeing the majestic creatures of the sea, you are encouraged to indulge in the architecture.

Some people could be interested to see the whole city at once? Well, it is definitely possible. The British Airways i360 is an observational tower that stretches up to 162 meters above the ground. It was opened in 2016 and has carried more than a million passengers by now. You can experience a 360 view of the city through the rotating tower. Moreover, the viewing pods are completely closed to provide a better experience to the passengers.  

Even though these are well known landmarks but Brighton is known for something else. It is not known for its man made structures but beaches as it’s a seaside resort. Beaches in Brighton are kept clean and managed very well. Before jumping onto the topic of beaches in Brighton, it is better for travellers to know when to pay a visit to this beautiful city.

Brighton Weather

Brighton is known for its mild and calm climate with high levels of sunshine. The sea breezes help to keep a pleasant temperature in the city. There is a rare chance of snowfall and overall the climate is quite suitable for travellers. However, if you are planning for a trip to Brighton, try to arrange your trip in between May and September. The city has highest amount of sunshine during these months and it will ensure that you have a quality time in Brighton.

Beaches in Brighton

According to nutritionists, there are 13 vitamins that our body needs. However, they ignore one of the most important one, ‘Vitamin Sea’. The colour blue is associated with mild and calm mood while ocean waves can change the brain waves to soothe us. Does this hint the importance of a beach? Of course! The next question is the beach you should go to. If you have planned to visit Brighton then you’re all set because this city is famous for its beautiful beaches with tremendous facilities.

Here is the list of beaches you should definitely visit in Brighton: 

Rottingdean Beach

Head east to Brighton Marina and indulge yourself in an unorthodox experience. Rottingdean Beach is a rocky beach different from most of the beaches you would have seen. There are two ways to reach Rottingdean; cycle or walk along the under cliff or simply get on the Coaster 12 bus. 

The people who come at Rottingdean usually don’t have any intent to jump into the water because there is something else they find more interesting. You can enjoy rock pooling at the beach. It is a fun sport and you can expect to find magnificent shore life. Equipment is easily available locally as well. You’re bound to get a different experience to cherish for life if you plan to visit Rottingdean.

Kemp Town Beach

It is well known that Brighton is extremely famous seaside resort. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Brighton from all over the world which is why the Brighton Beach is very crowded. Some people may need to relax and enjoy the nature of beauty. Kemp Town Beach is for those people. 

Similar to Rottingdean beach, it is situated on the east of Brighton Marina. You can walk or take the Volk Electric Railway to reach Kemp Town. Afterwards, you will find one of the very few beaches in Brighton having sand. This beach is composed of both shingle and sand. A section of the beach, closer to Brighton Marina, is designated as a naturist beach.  Lifeguard facility is available and there are multiple cafes around the beach. There are many Victorian era structures near the beach as well which are considered an exciting tourist attraction.  

Hove Beach

Beaches can be more than just water and water related activities. It can be a place where a person can contemplate, enjoy the sound of the waves or involve in various other activities. Hove beach is a perfect example of all this. It stretches from Central Hove’s Grand Avenue to the edge of Portslade. It is a quiet beach which is mostly not crowded.

The interesting part of the Hove beach is that people can do much more than having a dip in the sea. There is a dedicated cycle lane where you can bring your bicycles and enjoy a ride. Children can be seen with their scooters nearby as well. If you are worried about parking then there is good news for you.

You can park your vehicles on various side streets near the beach specially, close to Kingsway. There is free parking in some areas and it is never too crowded between early morning to 6pm. Do not forget to walk along Hove lagoon and enjoy the beauty of the adjacent lawns. If you’re bringing your kids then they can have fun in the play area as well. When you’re tired and hungry, you’ll be amazed to see a number of quality cafes and restaurants. Hove beach has a lot to offer and you are in for a fun ride if you visit it.

Seaford Bay

Are you done with the hustle and bustle of Brighton, and are willing to pay a visit to the suburbs? Seaford Bay is your escape. This is a long beach that covers up to 4 miles and is located 1 mile off from Seaford Head. Seaford Bay is a pebble beach like most of the beaches in Brighton. It is hardly crowded which is why it is a great spot to relax, and enjoy the sea and the weather. You will be mostly seeing cyclists riding around the dedicated cycle lane. Seaford Bay brightens up in the summers. Even though, the beach has no lifeguards on the payroll but you would be amazed to see a number of volunteer life guards. 

The sea would not comprise of just water at the Seaford Bay. It is close to Newhaven which is why you’ll be able to see channel ferries sailing around. Parking would never be an issue here. There is huge space for parking at the seafront and since this beach is never too crowded, you’ll have plenty of space. In case of an injury or accident, first aid facility is available. There are a few cafes and restaurants as well which you should check out as well. Finally, if you have your dog alongside, then you’ll be glad to know that the Seaford bay is dog friendly for the most of the year. There is a seasonal ban but on specific sections of the beach.


Brighton is a top spot for tourists due to its lovely sights and attractions. The city has quite a lot to offer including historical landmarks to beautiful beaches. Since Brighton is a seaside resort town, the beaches are kept clean and managed very well. Any person whose heart has even a speck of love for beaches should keep Brighton in their list.   


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