Detailed Map of Costa Rica

Map of Costa Rica Provinces
Map of Costa Rica Provinces

Map of Costa Rica

Where is Costa Rica located?

This article explores the country located in the central part of America. This country is known as Costa Rica which is officially known as the Republic of Costa Rica. There are a lot of countries that border Costa Rica. From the northern side, Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua and on the northeast side, there is the Caribbean Sea. On the southeast of the country, there is Panama and the Pacific Ocean on the southwest. 

Costa Rica Facts

The total population of Costa Rica is approximately 5 million which is according to the 2019 census. The total land area of the country is 51,060 square kilometers. The capital and the largest city of the country is San Jose in which almost 3 million people reside. The rest 2 million people reside in other cities. The form of government that is practiced in the country is a unitary and presidential form of government. One fact about Costa Rica is that it is known for its long-standing democracy. This means that it has remained a democracy for a long time and this is a specialty of the country as they did not have to face much political instability. 

The workforce of the country is highly educated and most of them speak English. The official languages that are spoken in the country are Spanish, Mekatelyu, Bribri, and Patois. All these languages are recognized as regional languages in the country. There is a range of ethnicities that reside in the country like Blacks, Mulattos, Mestizos, and also Amerindians. Most of the people are Mestizos and the least are the blacks. There are people of different religions as well like Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, and also Atheists. Most of them are Catholics while the least are Buddhists. The president of the country is Carlos Alvarado. 

Landscape of Costa Rica

The landscape of Costa Rica is divided into different parts like there are rainforests, cloud forests, and volcanoes. Other than this, there are also high mountains and coral reefs. There are different mountain ranges in the area like the Central mountain range which is also known as Cordillera central. Another mountain range is Talamanca mountain range which is also known as the Cordillera de Talamanca. 

Some of the other mountain ranges are the Tilaran mountain range and also Guanacaste mountain range. The terrain of Costa Rica shifts between forests, mountains, and plains. All of these are equally beautiful. The landforms in the area consist of beautiful and pleasing beaches along with rivers and also volcanic mountains. This diverse landscape provides a lot of opportunities for visitors to explore the beautiful attractions in the country. Do not forget to explore all the landforms in the area so that you can see the beauty of Costa Rica to the fullest. 

Climate of Costa Rica

According to the position of the country from the equator, it enjoys a tropical climate. The dry season in Costa Rica is from December to April while the rainy season is from May to November. As one moves higher in altitude, the temperature decreases. The average temperature in the country is from 12 to 27 degrees Celsius. The temperature varies from region to region inside the country however, the level of temperature is lowest from September to November. These months are considered the coldest months of the year in Costa Rica. On the other hand, the level of temperature is the highest from February to April. These months are considered the hottest months in the country. The best time to visit Costa Rica is from December to April as this is the dry season in which rainfall is limited and it is suitable for the tourists to enjoy their vacation. This is the peak tourist season. There is plenty of sunshine at this time which makes it the ideal time for the tourists to explore different outdoor places like rainforests. 

The type of clothing that is required in Costa Rica is usually lightweight cotton and linen. This is worn throughout the year with the addition of some warm clothes for colder evenings. Make sure you take the necessary clothing with you so that you do not have to face any inconvenience. Also, do check the weather forecast of the upcoming week before going so that there is an idea about the required items that must be taken along. It is cooler in the highlands. The Caribbean coast receives a significant amount of rainfall. The temperature on the coast is higher than the temperature in the southern region. 

Costa Rica Flag Facts

Costa Rica Flag
Costa Rica Flag

Importance of flags in general

The flag of a country is of utmost significance in history as well as in the present situation. This is because the flag of a country represents that particular country and the traditions and customs that the country follows. It can be considered as a symbolic representation of the country’s values and traditions. The colors and the symbols that are drawn on the flag are drawn purposefully because they have a certain context behind them. 

A country is recognized by the help of the flag that it acquires. Between the names of two countries, the feature that will differentiate between those two countries will be the flag of that particular country. Other than this, a flag of a particular country is considered as a source of uniting the people of that place. This is because all the people who belong to that country are recognized by the name of the country and the flag that the country has, therefore, it portrays a sense of nationalism, patriotism, and unity in the people of that country who unanimously accept that flag and try to own it as their identification and recognition.

Costa Rica Flag Colors

The flag of Costa Rica is a combination of three colors: red, blue, and white. There are a total of five stripes that spread over the whole flag. Four stripes are of equal length but one of them has greater width as compared to the other stripes. Two stripes are blue, two are white and one stripe is red. All these horizontal stripes are equal in length. In the middle stripe which is the red one, there is a national coat of arms. 

Costa Rica Flag meaning

This flag is used as the state flag as well as the state ensign. This flag was adopted in 1998 and is being used until the present day. The ratio of the stripes is 1: 1: 2:1:1. The white color in the flag represents peace, wisdom, and happiness. The blue color in the flag represents the clear skies that are above the country and the red color in the flag represents the blood that has been spilled by the martyrs for the country. The coat of arms that exists on the present flag was revised in 1848 and since then, it has been as it is. The Costa Rican flag was designed by Pacifica Fernandez. The flag is only permitted to be used by the government. 

Costa Rica Flag v Thailand Flag

Costa Riga Flag vs Thailand Flag
Costa Riga Flag vs Thailand Flag

The flag of Costa Rica is very similar to the flag of Thailand. The proportion of the stripes is also the same however the colors are different. In the Costa Rican flag, the top and bottom stripe are blue but in Thailand’s flag, the top and bottom stripe are red. The white stripes are the same. The center stripe with a broader width is red in the Costa Rican flag and blue in Thailand’s flag. Also, another difference is that there is no coat of arms in Thailand’s flag but there is one in the middle of the Costa Rican flag.  

Places to visit in Costa Rica

There is a range of beautiful places to visit in Costa Rica ranging from volcanoes, beaches, and also unique wildlife. All of these attractions are top-rated and are a must-visit whenever you visit Costa Rica. 

Manuel Antonio National Park

One of the beautiful attractions in Costa Rica is the Manuel Antonio National park. This park is known for the beautiful beaches that are in its surroundings. The lush green forests along with a great diversity of wildlife that is found here add to the beauty of the park. There is a lot to explore for the tourists who choose Manuel Antonio National park. There are a lot of colorful birds and butterflies in the park that can be found in abundance and without any effort. There are some restaurants and shops that can be found at the top of the hillside. These places usually get crowded in the evening. They provide snacks and refreshments to the tourists in the middle of the day. 

Arenal Volcano National park

Another beautiful place to visit in Costa Rica is the Arenal volcano national park which is also one of the pleasing attractions in the country. The tourists can see a cloud of ash coming out of the mountain or there can also be glowing red lava flowing outside. These outdoor natural attractions are a must-visit in Costa Rica as they are the highlight of the year. People come from different parts of the world to visit the beautiful attractions that are in the country. 


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