How Tall is Joe Rogan? Joe Rogan Height, Weight, Net Worth and Much More

How Tall is Joe Rogan Joe Rogan Height, Weight, Net Worth and Much More
How Tall is Joe Rogan Joe Rogan Height, Weight, Net Worth and Much More





Joe Rogan is well known for his voice, so sometimes it can be difficult imagining standing in the same room with him; however, the task becomes a little easier once you know exactly how big this UFC color commentator, comedian, and podcaster is. The question is: How tall is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is five feet and eight inches tall, making him a little above the average height of a male human in the United States of America. Joe Rogan weighs around 194 pounds and can also be described as 176 centimeters tall.

In this article, we will not only break down exactly how tall Joe Rogan is, but we’ll also give you a taste of some other fascinating facts about this celebrity and answer a few frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

How Tall Is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan interviewing Valentina Shevchenko
Joe Rogan interviewing Valentina Shevchenko

His personality may be charming and his physique is certainly impressive, but let’s get right down to brass tacks; how tall is Joe Rogan, really? The answer is five feet and eight inches tall! This puts Joe Rogan squarely in the “average height for men” category according to

What is Joe Rogan’s Net Worth?

The net worth of a person is calculated by adding up not only someone’s financial assets, but some of their non-financial assets, as well. After subtracting any outstanding liability from that value, you have a number that sums up the worth of an institution or individual in a monetary way!

Joe Rogan’s net worth is about $120 million United States Dollars. His annual earnings as one of the most highly paid comedic performers on the planet is about $17.3 million each year. This is largely thanks to his shows and comedy tours. He also has a deal with Spotify, where he posts his podcast recordings, for around $30 million a year.

This is in addition to the $48 million each year which is made from the sponsors of the Joe Rogan podcast. When Joe Rogan takes a sportscasting job commentating, he makes around $75 million for a grand total of nearly $550,000 each year. 

Who is Joe Rogan Dating?

 The first person known to have dated Joe Rogan, according to her MySpace profile pictures, is Lakana Zee, an American model who dated Joe Rogan in the year 2007. One of his most public dating relationships after this was “Survivor” television show contestant and star, Jerri Manthey. 

Joe Rogan and Jerri Manthey’s relationship drew public attention thanks to what went wrong later on in their dating time, but they actually met in 1997 before either were famous. This interesting fact is often eclipsed by claims from Jerri that Joe Rogan cheated on her. Their relationship ended in the year 2003. 

Currently, Joe Rogan is actually married to Jessica Ditzel. The two married in 2009 and have had two daughters together, while Rose, Jessica Ditzel’s daughter from a previous relationship, has been welcomed into the family. 

How Many Hours Does Joe Rogan Sleep?

With a life hosting podcasts, television shows, and commentating on sports, as well as going on frequent comedy tours, many may be curious to know if Joe Rogan actually gets any sleep. The answer is, Joe Rogan really does not go to sleep at any set time. Sometimes, his comedy routines can have him awake and entertaining audiences until 3 in the morning!

However, Joe Rogan does try to get eight hours of sleep each night when he gets the chance, which is the optimal amount of sleep for healthy living. 

What Businesses Does Joe Rogan Own?

Joe Rogan has his hands in more than one business venture, but the main one he spends his time on is a fitness brand called “Onnit,” which he co-founded. He promoted these products wherever he could, even after the company was sold in the year 2021 to Unilever PLC. 

Is Joe Rogan a Billionaire?

Joe Rogan does, as previously mentioned, have a net worth of nearly $120 million. This means he is incredibly rich, but not technically a billionaire. 

How many people listen to Joe Rogan?

The podcast which Joe Rogan hosts, aptly named “The Joe Rogan Podcast” has an average of millions of listeners each month: 11 million, to be exact. Even before he moved to Spotify, Joe Rogan’s most popular episodes were getting as many as 60 million views!

Why Didn’t Joe Rogan Ever Fight?

Thanks to his winning personality and great success as a UFC commentator, many have been left wondering why Joe Rogan never fought in any competition of Mixed Martial Arts or championship in the sport himself. 

Truthfully, Joe Rogan has participated in some fighting competitions. For example, he originally competed in taekwondo tournaments. In an interview with Dave Chapelle, however, on his own podcast, Joe Rogan explained that he lacked excitement for the sport after successfully knocking some opponents out.

Apparently, Joe Rogan won many of his fights by knockout, and one experience in particular was shocking and scary: Joe Rogan managed to knock an opponent out with a wheel kick to the face, and his opponent had to be carried out on a stretcher. 

This type of experience may have been one of the reasons Joe Rogan decided to switch to kickboxing instead of remaining in taekwondo competitions. This was not an area of sports or fighting where Joe Rogan could shine, however. He found himself getting beat up by opponents constantly. 

Eventually, Joe Rogan was experiencing headaches that lingered and questioning why he should even continue to do kickboxing when he could not see a future. Therefore, Joe Rogan decided to move on from getting beat up to enjoy his highly successful podcast, comedy, and entertainment career!

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Joe Rogan is at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches, making him almost exactly the average height of a male human in the United States. With a successful comedy career, a flourishing podcast, and a high net worth, his height may be the only thing average about Joe Rogan!

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