Is Weston-Super-Mare beach worth visiting?

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Pictures of Weston Super Mare beach

beautiful summer day on the sandy beach at Weston Super Mare, Somerset, United Kingdom
beautiful summer day on the sandy beach at Weston Super Mare, Somerset, United Kingdom


Western Super Mare old pier
Western Super Mare old pier


Weston Super Mare Pier
Weston Super Mare Pier

Do you always dream of escaping from the chaos of the city? Are you a kind of travel enthusiast who always dreams of exploring places full of composure and tranquillity? Then what can be better than squishing the joy of exploring the Weston Super Mare beach with your friends, family or even partner? It was originally a seaside resort flooded with fascinating Victorian history. This sandy beach is stretched long to grant you everything you need in Somerset. So if you want to make your visit special, spend some time on reading this post.

The area of North Somerset has many places to explore, starting from the Clevedon town to Portishead. Not to mention, the vibrant marina of this site is perfect for dining out with your partner. If you start your trip from Weston Super Mare beach, you will arrive at multiple superior tourist spots like Wookey, Glastonbury, Cheddar, and so on. We will explore these nearby tourist spots as well. 

Travelling guide to reach the Weston Super Mare beach

Travelling to Weston Super Mare beach is quite easy as you will get many transportation options, including railway, air and road. First of all, you can utilise multiple options to reach your destination from the central railway station, M4, and M5 corridors. If you prefer to travel by air, you can land at Bristol airport from where this beach is merely 20 minutes drive away. 

Visitors tend to typically choose the route of Cornwall and Devon Peninsula which can take up a lot of time unless you have someone with whom you want to spend some quality time while driving, in which case it is better to choose this route. Otherwise, you can take junction 21 on M5, which is an easier route, especially from London. On the other hand, if you are travelling from Cardiff, you will reach your destination within just one hour by road. 

Weston Super Mare beach activities 

Building sandcastles on the beach is one of the favourite activities of kids and adults. If that is one of your favourite activities as well, then it’s time to use your imagination by participating in the Sand Sculpture Festival, which occurs annually. Not to mention, you can watch a classic movie in any of the two nearby theatres. Food lovers can also taste some of the best traditional as well as International dishes at the nearby restaurants. Additionally, adventure seekers can climb the indoor walls at Clip ‘n Climb. In summary, if you are planning to visit Weston Super Mare beach, you will not get bored as there are plenty of amusement activities to take part in during your stay. 

Weston Super Mare beach offers multiple fun activities. There is also an information centre for the visitors. Wheelchairs are also provided free of charge. Additionally, lifeguards are always there to protect you. So if it’s the summer season and you are looking for the best place to visit, you can definitely give this beach a thought.

Popular attractions near Weston Super Mare beach

The Grand Pier

This is a nostalgic place for many millennial. It is possible that you have visited many amusement parks with your family when you were young and in many cases many of those amusement parks have remained unchanged over the past few years. However, when it comes to the Grand Pier, things are changing all the time as the owners try to update everything more frequently to offer visitors something new and entertaining, which is why visitors never get bored of this place. 

Many new games and activities have been introduced recently so that you can win some great prizes and not leave empty handed. Furthermore, you will find gorgeous cafes and exclusive restaurants with mouth watering dishes. You will surely create lots of exciting and unforgettable memories which you will reminisce at one point in your life. 

The Winter Garden Pavilion

The Winter Garden Pavilion is one of the best and nearest destinations of this beach. It came into existence in the year 1927 and also has a great history. During World War II, it was a central place for the BBC and since, many modernisation have occurred. Visitors will find diverse entertainment, including comedy, games, music, dancing and different horticultural activities. Here everyone gets something according to their taste.

The Bishop’s Garden

The Bishop’s Garden is almost 800 years old and this media creation is surrounded by a moat. You should definitely consider visiting this hidden gem which sits near Weston Super Mare beach and in the heart of the town. You can also explore the private Chapel along with the Great Hall. The main attraction of this place is the beautiful mute swans. You will be amazed to know that these swans understand the connection of ringing a bell and food. So if they are hungry, they simply ring the bell. Moreover, the garden reveals the significance of the iron age and if you are curious about the origin of the ancient walls, you should undoubtedly visit this place once.

Brean Theme Park

If you have had enough of ancient history, then you should head down towards one of the largest amusement parks in the UK, Brean Theme Park. Everyone who loves a little bit of adrenaline rush will feel marvellous in this theme park as it offers 40 different rides. If you love roller coasters then you cannot miss the “Dark Ride”. Kids can also enjoy mini coasters, boat rides and even pony Express. Or they may even prefer the cartoon train cups and saucers. If you are visiting with your family then you can spend some quality time with your partner in the café while your children play in the Indoor area. 

Jill’s Garden

Have you ever come across the name of the famous TV personality, Jill Dando? Jill’s Garden was built in reference to this iconic TV presenter of the time. Jill’s Garden also features Grove Park. If you do visit this place with your kids, they can play in the northern area while the Northwest area is famous for multiple pools. Moreover, the building of Weston super Mare council is located just at the park’s centre. In the nearby surroundings you will also come across a memorial that stood a bomb attack during the war. Furthermore, you will also encounter another Memorial which was unveiled in the year 1922. 

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

It’s time to surprise all those kids and animal lovers out there. Yes, we are talking about a unique and exceptional zoo which was founded by Anthony Bush, the son of a Wiltshire farm manager. This award-winning zoo is just 15 miles away from Weston Super Mare beach. It has exclusive play areas that are divided into 12 parts. In these 12 exclusive play areas, they have built a beautiful animal village. Visiting this village is more than just a fun activity. The Welly Splash pool offers your kids the utmost satisfaction while tractor rides will make their day unforgettable. No matter when you visit this site, you will definitely love the environment when you see rabbits, and multiple farm animals enjoying themselves. Apart from that, many endangered species like giraffes, elephants, and tigers also reside here.

The staff members’ passion for animal care impresses every visitor. It’s an educational and fun trip that shouldn’t be missed by any animal lover or child. For adults, entry costs around £19.75 while children can enter for £15.75. You can also get multiple discounts if you visit with your family.

Ocean Adventure

This place is designed for all the newborns, toddlers and children offering fun activities. Ocean Adventure was built as a popular theme-based play space. The theme is underwater. Multiple toys and adventurous equipment has taken the look of this play area to the next level.

Let’s take a peek in the playground of newborns and toddlers. From super slides to fun Ball Pool, everything is available under one roof for babies and infants who are between two years to four years old. Parents adore this place as it keeps their kids entertained and smiling.

If your child is between 5 years to 12 years, you can send him or her to the junior play area. This play area consists of an outstanding lighthouse, race track, and kart track. Pretend play village is an ultimate destination for creative kids.


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