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Antigua and Barbuda map with coordinates
Antigua and Barbuda map with coordinates

Map of Antigua and Barbuda

Overview of Antigua and Barbuda






The Caribbean has so much for tourists. Its small island territories are no less than paradise on earth. Of these, Antigua and Barbuda offer an extraordinary romance. It is a sovereign state and the name originates from its two main islands Antigua and Barbuda. These are 39 miles apart from each other. The turquoise waters, pink and white sand beaches, vast coastline, protective reefs, loving people and exciting weather make these islands an ever-visiting spot. Here are some intriguing insights you must know before getting to Antigua or Barbuda island.

Where is Antigua and Barbuda located on the world map?

If you look at Caribbean map, this country appears in the eastern part of the sea on the southern line of Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles inside the West Indies portion of North America. Barbuda is smaller and north of Antigua. To the middle west of these islands is St. Kitts & Nevis. To the south of Antigua is Montserrat. The combined Map of Antigua & Barbuda has been attached above. For more understanding, have a look at the map of Barbuda and the map of Antigua with parishes and villages.

365 beaches in Antigua

One of the remarkable Antigua and Barbuda’s travel excitements is the vast choice of 365 beaches. Such a great diversity requires a separate map of Antigua beaches to visit a new one on each day. All of them are open to the public, and we recommend a detailed tourist map of Antigua to spot your favourite point.

Antigua and Barbuda Population

According to Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data, the country has 98,025 people. On the official list of countries (and dependencies) by population as given by UNO, Antigua and Barbuda is on 201st position. The median age among Antiguan people is 34 years. From 2010 to 2020, the yearly change percentage dropped from 1.56% to 0.84%. The land area stretches about 440-kilometre squares, and only 26% of the population resides in urban areas. The overall population density is 223 people per kilometre square.

Antigua and Barbuda Language spoken

English is the official language used for all formal proceedings. However, people in their informal conversations use a creole version. Think of it as a unique English dialect. This dialect also varies from Barbuda to Antiguan people. Other languages spoken by lesser ethnic groups include Spanish, Portuguese, and North Levantine Arabic.

Antigua and Barbuda Flag Facts

Antigua and Barbuda Flag
Antigua and Barbuda Flag

Antigua and Barbuda flag has a multicoloured scheme. There are two red triangles at borders and a central isosceles triangle having black, blue, and white bands in a top to bottom sequence with a rising sun in the uppermost stripe. The sun is golden and has seven edges. The flag proportion is about 2:3.

The origin of Antigua and Barbuda Flag

In 1967, the country gained independence from the West Indies Federation as an associated state of the United Kingdom. A flag was to be adopted for the newly established state. The government held a countrywide competition. Of 600 submitted entries, the present flag got selected. It was designed by a native artist Sir Reginald Samuel. The story behind its design is much interesting since Sir Reginald Samuel entered the competition in closing minutes. He had hastily finished the flag design in only half an hour, and when the winning entry got announced, it was great excitement for him.

Antigua and Barbuda Flag meaning

The Flag has a deep meaning like other Caribbean country flags. Red is the colour of blood. It represents the slave forefathers whose blood is in the roots of land and the vigour and value of the nation. Black signifies the soil as well as the ancestors from an African background. Blue and white refer to the natural resources of its sea and sands. Blue is also interpreted for hope. The rising sun is a metaphor for the new era. It also relates to the prosperity achieved after severe toil since the sun is rising from black. The inverted triangle exhibits V- shape, an abbreviation of victory. The seven points of the shining sun denote the six parishes and sister island Barbuda.

Is Antigua and Barbuda worth visiting?

Whether you are bored of your daily routine or eager about Antigua and Barbuda, this place is surely worth a visit. Alone or with your family that is up to you but the beautiful parishes, thrilling shores, lovely palm trees, stunning beaches, mouth watering food, and magnificent waterfalls in Antigua and Barbuda are way more than an eye’s daydream. There is so much entertainment and activities, but the question is why travel to Antigua and Barbuda when you have various other options? Well, it is not just about a sunbath, you can have that in other islands too, the primary reason that makes this place stand out against the others is due to its all-rounder traits. The natural beauty, tender culture, friendly people, easy flights and all-inclusive resorts make up an all in one pack for a memorable trip.

Antigua and Barbuda facts

  • Antigua and Barbuda’s capital, St. John’s, is the heart of this country that offers a warm welcome with its classy museum and tasty restaurants.
  • Mount Obama or Boggy Peak is the highest point (300 m).
  • Some lush beach spots include Jumby Bay Antigua, Galley Bay Antigua, Carlisle Bay Antigua, and Cocobay Antigua.
  • Fun things to do in Antigua are snorkelling, sailing, hiking, scuba diving, and wildlife visits.
  • There is a donkey sanctuary in St Paul Parish that has 150 donkeys.
  • The blue waters Antigua has three local streams.
  • Antigua is small enough to be covered in a 45 minutes ride. 
  • Barbuda is less inhabited.

The best time to visit Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda holidays are enjoyable throughout the year, however, during peak season from December to April it is much more expensive. The rates for the resorts go up during these months. From May to November, the hotels offer affordable accommodation since lesser tourists visit Antigua and Barbuda in these months because of slightly rainy weather.


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