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Map of Arkansas and Flag | Arkansas Outline, Counties, Cities and Road Map







Arkansas, is nicknamed the Natural state or the Bear State and it is recognized as the richest state in natural beauty and wildlife. It’s a state with valuable culture and history, with hot summers and mild winters, but also some pretty wild storms that can cause a lot of destruction.

Whether you are thinking about moving to Arkansas or just visiting it, we will give you the most important information about this state, and a few more interesting facts like the fact that both Bill Clinton and Johnny Cash were born in Arkansans and the state was home to a few super centenarians.

Where is Arkansas on the map?

If you type into Google maps or another GPS system the coordinates: 34.799999, -92.199997, you will find the exact center of Arkansas. Just make sure to not forget the minus, or you will end up somewhere in China.

Arkansas is a state found in the South Central part of the U.S. and its neighbors are: Missouri in the North, Tennessee to the East, and Mississippi in the south-East, Louisiana in the South, Texas to the South West and Oklahoma in the West.

The capital city of Arkansas is Little Rock, with a population of 197,958 people, from a total of 3 million people, who live across the state.

Is Arkansas a good place to live?

Each person has different interests and needs, so it is difficult to say if Arkansas is a good place to live for you.

However, we can look at the statistics and give you a basic idea about what to expect there.

Arkansas is a good place to live for people who enjoy being out in the wilderness, with 52 state parks, numerous rivers, and lakes. There are also mountain trails to explore, with the highest Mountain top being Mount Magazine, which rises to 2,753 feet.

The cost of living in Arkansas is much lower than the one you would find in cities like New York. In fact, it’s 37.12% lower, while rent is 54.84% lower than in New York.

All these with an average salary of $3,324, after tax. This translates into a very high purchasing power.

Furthermore, despite the occasional variations in weather, and intense storms in the Spring, the weather is warm and enjoyable and pollution levels are very low – probably due to the fact that there are large forests that constantly add oxygen to the environment.

The downside of Arkansas is the crime rate that can reach some extreme levels and there are high chances that you will be a victim of a crime if living there. On the bright side, most crimes are petty thefts, and trespassing, but this is definitely not the safest state in the US.

What is Arkansas most famous for?

Arkansas is famous for its breathtaking views, wildlife and diamonds.

The state is home of the only diamond mine that is still exploited and it also brought us the largest diamonds.

Speaking about diamonds, in Arkansas, in the Crater of Diamonds state Park, at the visitor center, you can see on display, the first “perfect diamond” ever discovered.

Little Rock, the state capital, is the host of the World Cheese Dip Championship, which happens once every year and delights cheese lovers world-wide.

Arkansas Flag Facts

The state flag was adopted on the 26th of February 1913 and it is composed of a red flag, with a white diamond in the center. The band that forms the borders of the diamond is blue and is layered by 25 stars.

In the center of the diamond, Arkansas is written with capital letters in the color blue. Above the name of the state there is a star, and below it there are three stars.

An interesting fact is that the stars above and below the name of the state don’t all point in the same direction. The middle, lower star, points downwards, while the others point upwards.

What is the best city to live in Arkansas?

The city you choose to live in should be adapted to your and your family’s specific needs.

Little Rock has the highest economy, and it can offer many job and business opportunities to many professionals.

However, there are disadvantages of living in a big city, amongst which:

  • Higher rent;
  • Worse traffic;
  • The pollution level is higher than in smaller cities;
  • Higher crime rate;
  • Higher cost of childcare.

Cave Springs was the safest city in Arkansas, in 2020, with just 33 total crimes and only one violent crime.

Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can take your family, and be relatively sure that they are safe, Cave Springs should be your first choice.

What are the best places to visit in Arkansas?

The number of beautiful places to visit in Arkansas is far greater than what this article can show you.

However, on the top of anyone’s list should be:

  • Petit Jean State Park, with beautiful tracks and a tragic story that named the place.
  • Crater of Diamonds State Park. Remember the diamond mine that we talked about earlier? Well, you can visit it and you can even try to find a diamond – finders keepers.
  • Buffalo National River. There are a lot of amazing places to see here. Waterfalls, caves, limestone bluffs, and a large forest. You can explore the place by foot or in a canoe, and you can even take a horseback tour.
  • Ozark National Forest. This National Forest is a treasure in itself with as much as 390 miles to explore. There are places to swim, campsites, rivers, and streams and you can truly experience nature when visiting it.
  • Hot Springs is probably one of the most famous places in Arkansas. A resort that welcomes their guests with luxury and therapeutic waters, guaranteeing a relaxing vacation.

Arkansas represents a piece of history that everyone should learn about, but it is also a place worth visiting and definitely a good state to live in, especially for the financial benefits and the beautiful scenery that you can find there.


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