Map of Wallis and Futuna and Flag | Outline, Blank and Road Map

Where is Wallis and Futuna on the world map
Where is Wallis and Futuna on the world map

Map of Wallis and Futuna and Flag | Outline, Blank and Road Map







Looking forward to getting away from it all, the worldly worries and the pollution to somewhere nice and foreign? Well, we have got just the place for you! A beautiful island which is showered with beauty like no other place in the world. Wallis and Futuna for what sounds like two different places are one but they offer diversity like two. The place is blessed with heavy tourism all for a good reason. 

You are bound to have a good time in a place that greatly values its tourism, they take large measures to ensure the best experience for everyone with every taste. Let’s learn more about this beautiful island, its people and everything else to know about a country to ensure a perfect trip.

Wallis and Futuna on World Map

For what seems like to be a place inhabited by a good number of Europeans, it is very common to mistake Wallis and Futuna to be a European country but contrary to popular belief, the island is a part of Oceania. Oceania is a region in the Pacific Ocean that comprises several islands, the culture that these islands possess is nothing that you can expect or have seen before. Similarly, Wallis and Futuna is situated somewhere in the middle of Hawaii and New Zealand.

Is Wallis and Futuna a country?

The United States has several territories in Oceania but Wallis and Futuna is not one of them. The island is also often mistaken for a country but it is an external French territory. The French were the very first Europeans to settle on this island. 

The island initially used to be ruled by the Queen of Uvea but due to the rebellion of a large chunk of the local population, the Queen was forced to turn to the French and along with the kings of Sigave and Alo, responsible for the islands of Futuna and Alo, they all signed a treaty which established a French protectorate in 1888. Eventually, these kingdoms saw their dawn and the inhabitants of the island voted in the favor of becoming a separate overseas French territory since it was previously under the authority of New Caledonia.

How many islands are Wallis and Futuna?

Wallis and Futuna have three main islands in total with Alofi being the third island. These three islands have several islets of their own. Futuna is the most populated island out of the all three whereas Alofi is considered to be uninhabited. The surrounding 20 islets are also uninhabited.

Wallis and Futuna Flag 

Wallis and Futuna Flag
Wallis and Futuna Flag

Since it is a French territory, officially, Wallis and Futuna use the national flag of France which has three equal vertical sections starting from blue at the left, white in the middle and red at the right side of the flag. However, Wallis and Futuna also have an unofficial flag through which they represent themselves. At the same time, the three different kingdoms of Wallis and Futuna (Alo, Sigave and Uvea) all have different flags.

Colors and Meaning of the Flag of Wallis and Futuna

The flag often used to represent Wallis and Futuna solely is that of the kingdom of Uvea. The flag comprises two colors; white and red. The flag contains a white square towards the right with a red saltire all on a red field. It also features the French Flag in the upper left corner. 

Wallis and Futuna Population

The population of Wallis and Futuna is around 12,000 with a huge number of people originating from the Polynesian descendent whereas a minority is of French descendent. Quite a lot of people often migrate to New Caledonia for better opportunities. The people here are mostly Roman Catholics and they give very warm welcomes to their guests. The culture is greatly similar to that of Tonga and Samoa. The people here are mostly farmers or fishers.

Language of Wallis and Futuna

If you speak just English, modern-day translators will be your best friend as only a small percentage of the population speaks English. The majority speaks Wallisian followed by Futunan and lastly, around 13% of the people speak French.

Interesting facts about Wallis and Futuna

The islands of Oceania are like hidden gems since not many people consider it to be their vacation destination yet once you are here, you never want to go back. Wallis and Futuna is not just full of fun destinations but also many interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about.

  • Wallis is named after Samuel Wallis, an English explorer.
  • Other than exporting copra, construction materials and chemicals, the territory mainly depends upon tourism as their main source of income.

Wallis and Futuna Tourism

Dependent and known for tourism, Wallis and Futuna ensure to take measures that will make your stay at their island a memorable one. Blessed with nature’s beauty like no other, they maintain it pretty well and have preserved several places in the best possible way. Here are a few places that you must visit on your stay here in Wallis and Futuna

  • Lake Lalolalo – Quite a mouthful to say out loud. Its beauty cannot be simply put into words. The lake has rocky cliffs and the depth of 80 meters. The water is inky blue, a rare beautiful sight.
  • Basilica of St. Peter Chanel – Have an eye for spectacular architecture? This is going to be a treat for your eye.
  • Le Toagatoto – Another treat for those who love history, this place served as a battlefield during the war between the Tongan and Wallis army. The area was preserved for historical significance.
  • Ancient Ruins of Talietumu – Talimetumu was built around 1450 and was surrounded by a stone wall for protection. The place was abandoned after the assassination of King Takalaua. Several structures are greatly preserved for tourists.


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