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Southwold beach seafront and huts with dramtaic sky. Editorial credit Nigel Jarvis,
Southwold beach seafront and huts with dramtaic sky.

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England is known to be rich in beautiful beaches that provide remarkable views and facilities to its visitors. The coastal and seaside resorts along with counties that are located in the United Kingdom are a hub of beautiful locations. These counties offer beautiful locations to the tourists that are better than one another. The activities that these places offer to the visitors make these places worth visiting and also perfect spots for vacation. One such county is Suffolk which is an East Anglian county located in England. Suffolk shares borders with Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and also Essex from all sides. 

Beaches in Suffolk

Several beaches are located in and around Suffolk that offer picturesque views to the tourists and provide a range of facilities to the visitors that facilitate their experience and provide them an ideal day at the beach with friends and family. The quality of the water at the beach in Suffolk along with the beautiful attractions nearby makes it worth visiting. 

Southwold Pier Beach

Southwold has the reputation of being one of the best and well-known resorts of Suffolk. This is a very old beach as it was opened in 1900 and has been maintained until the present day for the visitors to come and appreciate the beauty of the beach. Southwold pier beach is a 250 meters long pier. The beach is characterised by a long stretch of shingle and also beach groins. Along with this, there are colourful beach huts located at the beach that enhance the beauty of the beach and make it more appealing to the tourists. 

Some of the beautiful places to visit on the beach include a restaurant that provides snacks and refreshments to the tourists in the middle of a long day at the beach. Other than this, there is a pavilion and also some interesting amusements that are worth enjoying. The famous water clock is also included in these remarkable amusements at the beach. Not only this, but more things make this beach an interesting place to visit. 

The quality of the beach is not only satisfactory but is remarkable as the beach has been recognised by the blue flag awards regarding the quality of the beach. This is primarily because the beach is clean and tidy. Not only clean but also there is a range of activities and amusements that the beach offers to the tourists. 

The beach provides lifeguard service to the people. Dogs are also allowed at the beach therefore; you can bring your pets along with you and spend an ideal day with your friends and family. However, you must check the signboards and directions as there are some seasonal restrictions imposed on the dogs and they are banned from certain areas in the summer season. The activities that are carried out at the beach include jet-skiing, swimming, bathing, windsurfing, and also good fishing. 

The Denes Beach

Another prominent beach which is located in Suffolk is The Denes beach. It is a long stretch of sand and shingle. The beach is known for the quality of water that it offers. The beach also offers lifeguard service to tourists in the summer season. Some of the activities that are common at the beach include windsurfing and bathing. Dogs are also allowed at the beach. 

Another interesting news for the dog lovers is that there are no restrictions applied to the dogs at the Denes beach therefore, they can bring their dogs along with them throughout the year. There are several cafes and restaurants located at the beach for the visitors to provide them snacks and refreshments in the middle of the day. There is also a car park nearby however, you will have to pay to avail of the car park facility. Also, there are public toilets for the people at two different locations to avoid any inconvenience to the tourists. 

Places to visit in Suffolk

Other than the beaches that are located in Suffolk, there are many other beautiful locations that are worth visiting. One of these places is Bury St Edmunds. It is known as the most beautiful town which is located in Suffolk. The cathedral is built according to Georgian Fashion and displays a history of all periods. It is an ideal place to visit for those who are history fans and are inspired by historical facts and architecture. The antique architecture is worth looking at and appreciating. 

Another beautiful place in the county is Ipswich which is the oldest town in the area. The historical buildings and the street markets in the area are the highlights of the town. 

Newmarket is also a prominent place of interest in Suffolk which is known for horse racing. If you plan to visit the place, make sure you check the schedule of horse races so that you get the opportunity to watch one of the races. This place is the centre of horse breeding as well as training in England. 

Some of the other interesting places in Suffolk include Lavenham which is also one of the medieval settlements that are well retained till the present day in its best form. Some of the beautiful places in Lavenham include St Peter and St Paul. 

Suffolk Weather

The climate in Suffolk is warm, mild, and temperate. It is located 20 meters above sea level. The highest level of temperature that is observed in Suffolk is 25.5 degrees Celsius and is observed in July while the lowest level of temperature is 3.8 degrees Celsius and is observed in January which is usually regarded as the coldest month of the year. The average temperature in Suffolk is 14.9 degrees Celsius. 

Rainfall in the county is significant throughout the year. This means that the rainfall is sufficient even in the driest month. The highest level of rainfall is observed in July which is approximately 130 mm while the lowest level of rainfall is observed in November which is approximately 74 mm. The amount of rainfall throughout the year is approximately 1185 mm. 


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