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top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Overview 






Shenzhen is the metropolis city in southern China. It borders Hong Kong in the south. It is the first economic zone and a technology hub in China. The media around the world calls Shenzhen China’s Silicon Valley. Shenzhen has the world’s third busiest container port. Moreover, it is the headquarter of many technological multinational companies like ZTE, Huawei, BYD, and Tencent.


Shenzhen city has many iconic landmarks that are worth visiting. “Window of the World” is the iconic theme park that has a replica of 130 landmarks around the world including Eiffel Tower that is one-third of the size of the original. Fairy lake Botanical Garden is another attraction of the Shenzhen city for the tourists. Moreover, World’s fourth-highest skyscraper KK 100, Splendid China Folk Village, Dameisha Beach, Lianhuashan Park, Happy Valley Shenzhen water park, Shenzhen Safari Park, Sea World, Longfeng Villa Video Resort, and hundreds of other resorts are the attraction of tourists.

Business Hub 

Shenzhen is also a business hub of clothing, handbags, consumer items, and general electronic items; electrical equipment, and toys. Many startups, services and supply chain industries are also adding to the economy of the Shenzhen city. Most people around the world visit Shenzhen city for business, tourism, and technological conferences.

If you are also planning to visit the city then let’s have a look at these top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen that will be an add-on to your stay. These hotels are the top-notch hotels of the Shenzhen city, with every hotel having its own value and features ideal for your comfortable stay.

1. The Langham, Shenzhen

The Langham, Shenzhen - top 10 best luxury hotels in ShenzhenLocation, Architecture and Services

The Langham Hotel is ranked 1 on our top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen list. The Langham Hotel lies in the Futian District of Shenzhen that is a business hub with many points of tourist attractions. It has more than 352 rooms and suites in every range as you like. The hotel is well decorated and is the combination of Chinese traditional and modern art.

The Langham Hotel has many dedicated services and privileges to their valued customers. They have exquisite conference halls and meeting rooms. You can utilise these during your stay if you are in the city for business. Furthermore, Langham is located near the Window of the World and tens of other exotic resorts are near Langham Hotel.

Facilities and Dining

The hotel has two swimming pools and 5 dining options. Food has a wide range of variety from Cantonese to International gourmet quality of food and has the option of afternoon high tea. Not to mention, luckily for meat-lovers, a wide range of grilled meat is also offered at the hotel.

They also offer sauna spa and treatment to make yourself relaxed and keep you out of all the anxieties and despair of the world. The hotel is the best option for the tourists and business personalities who are in Shenzhen for buying electronics-related products as this portion is also the electronics equipment hub of Shenzhen city. Many of the resorts are easily accessible from the hotel.


2. The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen

The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen - top 10 best luxury hotels in ShenzhenThe Ritz-Carlton hotel is one of the topmost hotels in the city and deservedly ranked 2nd on our top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen list. It also offers free WiFi and parking. Moreover, you will have an out of the world experience at the Ritz-Carlton Spa Shenzhen.


There are many private treatment rooms, the relaxing sauna bath steam rooms and also provide beauty services as well. Ritz-Carlton also has a unique service to offer and that is yoga. You can attend yoga service at the poolside or in private whatever suits you.


The bedrooms are very special and of supreme quality and service. The beds are very relaxing and clean. The softness will make you fall asleep in seconds. The bathrooms are also big and beautiful. It has a big swimming pool overlooking the city. Furthermore, from  Ritz-Carlton, you will see KK 100 and other skyscrapers right from your window.


This unique luxury hotel open kitchens at ‘Flavors’ serves you with international and Asian specialities. On the other hand if you want to taste Italian cuisine you can taste it at Paletto. They have two other dining options one is  Xingli Chinese Restaurant and the other is Fix Café. Energising cocktails will be made ready for you at Curv Bar and Onyx Lounge.

Millions of customers from around the world recommend the stay at the Ritz-Carlton, that is why we have put this accommodation here into the list of top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen, China for you.


3. Park Hyatt Shenzhen

Park Hyatt Shenzhen - top 10 best luxury hotels in ShenzhenFacilities

Park Hyatt hotel is next in the list of top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen city. It stands high above the city. The main featured services are free WiFi, concierge, meeting facilities, spa, fitness gym, pool, restaurant on-site, and room service.


Park Hyatt is an extremely sophisticated hotel right in the heart of the Shenzhen and has a very extravagant high-quality architecture with supreme rooms and suits. The restaurants and bars have no comparison. All the cuisines either Chinese or intercontinental are prepared in a sophisticated manner that you cannot stop your hands from eating.


It has more than 200 oversized rooms and suites, The rooms look more spacious with the colour scheme. The full window view is also very beautiful. The one who visits this place never forgets its beauty and services.


The Spa provides a totally exceptional and personalised experience that you have never felt before that will keep your mind out of despair. All the worries will steam away with the steamy sauna bath and revitalise your skin. The glow on your body, soul, and mind will appear again. You will feel like you are new in this world and will lose all the worries that have ever encountered after the massage.


Their help desk is 24/7 available and the staff is very cooperative and understanding so that you do not need to explain little things. They even understand your intent and provide you all the things you need even before you ask. The staff will always be smiling and cooperating with you.


4. Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan

Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan - top 10 best luxury hotels in ShenzhenSheraton hotel chain is among the top-notch hotels around the world. They maintain their standards in every hotel they have around the world. The Sheraton Shenzhen is also worth visiting. The building’s architecture is extravagant. In addition, management is highly professional and polite. Every visitor who stays at Sheraton never forgets to praise the staff.


Sheraton has around 307 bedrooms and suites with many having a panoramic view with floor to ceiling windows. And the view from these windows of the whole Shenzhen is splendid. The rooms are extremely spacious and the design of the bathrooms are state of the art.  In every room, you will have access to room service 24/7. Plus every room also has its own coffee maker and minibar.

Restaurants and Fitness Suite

The restaurants inside the hotel are beautiful and lavish. They have a variety of food that is prepared by the world’s best chefs. The taste of the food is extremely delightful. Moreover, the presentation of the food is also different and unique.

The gym also has the right equipment to keep you healthy and will let you not miss the routines which you carry on at your home. Many tourists have recommended the Sheraton among the best of all in the Shenzhen city hotels.


5. Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan

Shenzhen Marriott Hotel NanshanLocation

The Shenzhen Marriott Hotel lies in the heart of the Nanshan, Shenzhen city very close to Houhai lake. The closest tourist attraction points are the Tomb of the Young Song Emperor, Shekou Gang, Evergreen Resort, Chiwan Tin Hau Temple, and Chiwan Left Fort.

Rooms and Staff

The rooms here are very huge and luxurious. Many rooms have a separate sitting area where you can relax and read books, watch TV or enjoy the minibar. The rooms are furnished with a separate lavatory decorated with a bath. Extra services are bathrobes, slippers, and free toiletries.

The help desk has 247 availability. Multilingual staff is quite helpful for tourists to understand any language other than the existing selected English.

Marriott is a high chain hotel in the hostel industry. Many businesspersons have recommended visiting the Marriott hotel when asked for the recommendation from them.


6. Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

Four Seasons Hotel ShenzhenOverview

Just missing out on the upper half of the top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen list is the Four Seasons Hotel which lies in the opposite direction to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. After spending the day in the Shenzhen city exploring, you can have a relaxing time with special treatment at the Spa of Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel has both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool where you can dip yourself after the warm weather outside to refresh yourself. Not to mention, you can have tropical drinks after the pool as a refreshment for your body.

Cuisines and Suites

The hotel also has very refreshing and delicious food. They have a variety of cuisines with extremely elegant and fine dining at Zhuo Yue Xuan Cantonese restaurant. You will have both living and sleeping areas in your room or suite you have selected. And these are separated by a glass divider for extra privacy. Additionally, the landscapes and green scenic views can be visualised from the floor to ceiling windows in your room.


Spa and sauna bath is also worth mentioning that will release your anxiety and make your body and soul feel very light and energetic. They have very professional masseuses  that will give you the out of the world experience. They offer free WiFi and parking service. While on-demand services of ironing, laundry, and dine-in.  Four Seasons hotel is the choice of millions of tourists around the world. The place is worth visiting and will give you a relaxed environment especially when you are in Shenzhen for a business trip.


7. Futian Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen

Futian Shangri-La Hotel ShenzhenOverview

Next on the top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen list is Futian Shangri-La Hotel which is right in the middle of the business hub of Shenzhen city. You can see a captivating view of the skyscrapers in Shenzhen city. The hotel has 528 rooms and suites and 5 restaurants and bars. Moreover, it is a forty-story building and in itself is a landmark of the city.

Rooms and Views

The rooms are very meticulously decorated, and they reflect the fusion of modern and traditional art but in a very oriental way. The minimalistic detailing of every feature will make you feel amusing. Hong Kong will look very close when you see through the night lights.


The cuisines are splendid and you will develop a love for the food they provide in every restaurant. With every restaurant having its own speciality and tradition. The themes, environment, sitting and serving; everything is unique and beautiful. 


The Spa massage and sauna bath will make you feel like going into heaven. The special bath of milk and lotus will revitalise your skin, so you will love yourself for choosing this hotel to stay.

Every service you want will be at your door-steps and the staff is really very cooperative and helpful. In Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen you will feel like home and become acquainted in a few hours of stay there.


8. Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai

Hilton Shenzhen Shekou NanhaiLocation and Views

The hotel lies in the heart of the west coast city belt. It faces Shenzhen Bay on the west and Pearl River Estuary on the east and you can see Hong Kong across the sea. Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai belongs to the chain of Hilton hotels. They keep their aesthetics here in Shenzhen too. It has the most beautiful scenic views of all the other hotels mentioned here for you if you are a sea view lover.

Rooms and Suites

They have spacious rooms and suites with WiFi and HDTV facilities. The deluxe room is themed like a ship cabin and you will feel like you are hovering in the middle of the sea. If you are looking for more luxury, then you can opt for the executive suites with free breakfast and drinks on the fifteenth floor of the hotel known as an executive lounge.


The spa offers quite relaxing and recreational therapies that will soothe your mind and your soul. They also have indoor as well as outdoor swimming pools for refreshing your body in hot weather. Both fitness centres are well-equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.

They also have facilities for kids to play and special amenities for the travellers who want to discover the wilderness of Shenzhen city and its surroundings.

The Hilton Shenzhen is best for every age group as they provide you with complete privacy and ease of life.


 9. Marco Polo Shenzhen

Marco Polo ShenzhenOverview

Ranked 9th on the top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen list is the Marco Polo Shenzhen hotel which also lies in the midst of the Futian District. It has  391 well-decorated and designed (in a unique way) rooms and suites. They have complimentary services like free breakfast and happy hours drinks when you select services like the continental club floor. 


The  Café Marco restaurant will give you a fusion of intercontinental and gourmet quality cuisine, and fresh seafood and steaks. Restaurants like Terrace@ Marco Polo, Connect that is a lounge, and the swimming poolside Margarita Bar is available for light food. Not to mention Nishimura Restaurant will serve you their unique and one of their kind Japanese food. Carrianna Chinese Restaurant will provide you with Chiu Chow cuisine while Le Cru Lounge is a place where you can enjoy your liquor in total calm.


It also provides Spa services that are kept very traditional. A steam bath will be a great experience and massage services are mind-blowing in this rich hotel. Marco Polo staff will be available for you 24/7 throughout your stay there.


10. Raffles Shenzhen

Raffles ShenzhenOverview

The Raffles Shenzhen hotel lies in the midst of the Shenzhen city and is one of the top notch accommodations to stay in with hotels in more than 15 countries. It is a proper 5-star hotel with all the available facilities you can think that a 5-star hotel usually offers.

Facilities and Services

Raffles Shenzhen has a bar with a diversity of drinks you can think about with the beautiful scenic view of the whole city. It has many restaurants to give your taste buds and eyes a new taste both in view and deliciousness. The Spa is unique of its kind and full traditional methodologies are followed by the experts at the massage centre.

Rooms are fitted with every facility you can think of from free WiFi, flat-screen HDTV, coffee or tea maker, hot tub, to hairdryer. Raffles Shenzhen restaurant you can eat and have fun with your loved ones with a buffet breakfast.

The hotel also offers wellness spa facilities including a hot tub and a sauna bath. The Raffles Shenzhen is one of the top ten hotels in Shenzhen city and is the option of many business personalities, tourists and celebrities from around the world.



We hope you enjoyed reading our post on top 10 best luxury hotels in Shenzhen. These hotels are located in the core areas of the Shenzhen metropolis city. As we mentioned earlier when you come to visit and explore the city to bring plenty of time with you because there are so many things you will find in this city.  It has state-of-the-art buildings, a historic museum of Chinese dynasties, temples, landmarks, parks, business hubs, theme parks, beaches, surroundings full of rich forests, and safari parks. 

The Shenzhen night and day life are totally different. You will discover food streets and malls that will make the city brighter at night. Shenzhen city should be in the to-do list of every tourist who loves to travel and discover new cultures and life around the world. The life of Shenzhen is very fast and busy. You will love this place and there is no comparison of this city when it comes to its diversity and advancement that the city has achieved in 4 decades. It is still expanding and moving up at a very high pace. That is why many big multinational companies have made this city their home to grow faster. 

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