10 Best Beaches in Cape Cod for Families

It’s easy to find activities that the whole family can enjoy on a visit to Cape Cod. Swimming, kayaking, and fishing are all favorite beach activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones.

If this sounds like the kind of summer fun you’re looking for, pack your bags and check out our list of the best beaches in Cape Cod for Families!

Craigville Beach

It’s one of the most popular beaches on the Cape, but still, Craigville never feels crowded due to its expansive size.

Mayflower Beach

If your kiddo loves to explore tidal pools, then Mayflower Beach will offer hours upon hours of entertainment for your family.

Nauset Beach is the place to go for kids who love to boogie board or want to try out surfing.

Nauset Beach

Corporation Beach

Located within Cape Cod Bay, Corporation Beach is perfect for small kids because of the calm and friendly water.

Head of the Meadow is another great beach destination for tidal pool exploration. The calm waters offer great places to try skimboarding or just splash around with the kids.

Head of the Meadow

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