10 Best Kauai Beaches for Families

In the rest of the story, we’re going to look at some of the best Kauai beaches for families in detail and what they offer you and your little ones.

The lagoon at Salt Pond Beach offers placid waters for your little ones to paddle around or learn to swim in, free from the inconvenience of daunting waves.

Salt Pond Beach

If you are after the full package for your household for a family day out, this will fill your needs, from its easy parking to its bathroom facilities to its on-duty lifeguards.

Poipu Beach

Although the beach itself is quite narrow, it is a fairly popular destination due to its idyllic scenery.

Fuji Beach

Snorkelers can take advantage of this both for the shallow water and the beautiful fish that they can swim with.

Lydgate Beach

The town of Hanalei sits alongside this beach, which means that anything you may find yourself needing, be it a snack or snorkeling equipment, is only a quick trip away.

Hanalei Bay Beach

If your family is looking for a real getaway, Anini Beach is quite sparsely packed compared to many of the other offerings.

Anini Beach

The wildlife is lush both in the water and on the land, making Ke’e Beach a phenomenal destination for families with children with an interest in nature.

Ke’e Beach

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