4 Interesting Facts about Pennsylvania

1. The Monongahela RiveR

– The Monongahela River in the Western PA has its reputation for flowing north.

2. Pennsylvania houses many firsts

Pennsylvania houses many of the firsts of the US from the very first gas station in Altoona to Wanamaker’s, the very first departmental store.

3. singing is forbidden in the bathtub

Fond of singing while taking a bath? A weird Pennsylvania law forbids singing in a bathtub.

4. The Keystone State

Pennsylvania is situated centrally along the arch of the 13 states and has historical importance in keeping the states together when they recently formed a union. A keystone is a wedge-shaped piece situated at the top middle part of an arch that keeps the structure together. Similar to that, Pennsylvania has historically played a vital role in ensuring the functioning of the United States in peace and harmony.