5 Best Beaches in New Jersey

The Jersey Shore is notorious for wild parties and reality TV, but if you are looking for the best family beaches in NJ, this story has you covered.

Whether you want a calm atmosphere or a busy boardwalk, New Jersey has a beach that will suit your needs. Let’s dive in!

The best family beaches in NJ are Sandy Hook, Brigitane Beach, Asbury Park Beach, Wildwood Beach, and Point Pleasant Beach.

The setting in Brigantine is gorgeous, with white sand beaches and steady waves. 

Brigantine Beach

Asbury Park Beach

It is less crowded than other destinations on the Jersey Shore, although, like any beach, it will be more packed on weekends. 

Wildwood Beach

Wildwoods is a more fast paced and active beach than the rest of the list. The beach itself is an extremely long stretch of sand and this can be difficult for young children. 

Point Pleasant Beach

Point Pleasant is a great family beach in Ocean County, New Jersey. There are both public and private beach areas, and with a small fee you can access lifeguard patrolled beaches.

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