5 Interesting Facts about Alaska

1. Denali "The Great One"

Of the twenty highest mountains in the United States of America, seventeen of them are situated in Alaska. Denali which is also known as “The Great One” is the highest peak reaching the height of 20,320 feet above sea level.

2. Lakes and Rivers

There are approximately more than 3000 rivers and 3,000,000 lakes in Alaska. The largest Lake Iliamna is about 1000 square miles long.

3. Coastline of Alaska

The coastline of Alaska is bigger than the rest of the US combined. The length is about 34,000 miles.

4. Longest day and Shortest Day

Barrow has the longest day and shortest day. When the sun rises on the 10th of May it doesn’t set for about 3 months. When it sets on November 18th it doesn’t reappear for nearly 2 months.

5. Glaciers

About five percent of the state is covered with glaciers. The number of glaciers are approximately 100,000