5 Interesting Facts about indiana

1. indiana's history dates back to the ice age

Every region has its history but Indiana’s dates back to the end of the Ice Age! It has been inhabited since 8000BC and the people then were known as Paleo-Indians.

2. colonized by france

Indiana was first colonized by French and then later it was lost to Britain in a war that lasted for seven years.

3. the first train robbery

We all know the good things about Indiana but you might not know that the first-ever train robbery in the US occurred in Indiana.

4. the crossroads of america

Indiana adopted the motto “The Crossroads of America” which was originally just applied to Indianapolis but later it fitted the entire Indiana as it became more connected to other interstate roads.

5. home to runaway slaves

Welcoming is not even a close adjective to the kind of humanity and hospitality that people of Indiana possess. They have smuggled and provided shelter to countless runaway slaves.