5 Interesting Facts about LOUISIANA

1. Distinctive Boot Shape

Not all states in the United States are recognizable at first glance, based only on the look of it on a map alone. Louisiana is an exception to this rule. Louisiana's distinctive boot shape adds to the loads of personality of this southern state.

2. Low Lying Lands

Famous for its bayous that are as much a part of its culture as its geography, Louisiana is comprised of predominantly low-lying lands

3. Humid Climate

Being part of the southeastern region of the United States gives Louisiana the humid climate that dominates the area. As Louisiana is mostly flat, with a subtropical climate, it's a prime location for marshes, swamps, and bayous.

4. Melting Pot of Ethnicities

Louisiana's unique history of occupation gave the state status as a true melting pot of ethnicities. French, Spanish, and French-Canadians making Louisiana their home throughout its history has created subcultures unique to the state.

5. Birthplace of Jazz

The birthplace of Jazz is a distinction that Louisiana is proud to bear. The bluesy tunes created with rhythm and horn instruments are recognizable the world over.