9 Best Beaches in Los Angeles for Families

Los Angeles makes for an exciting destination for families with tons of world-famous attractions, perfect weather, and stunning beaches along Southern California’s Pacific Coast.

When your family has grown weary of the hustle and bustle of the city, escape to one of LA’s gorgeous family-friendly beaches for a relaxing and fun-filled day on the water.

It’s nestled within the marina, and the calm water and absence of big waves make it a perfect spot for kids to swim.

Mother’s Beach, Marina del Rey 

Playa del Rey is a great place to escape the throngs of people at some of the busier beach spots.

Playa del Rey Beach

Manhattan Beach is known for its upscale beachfront homes, but it is also a favorite for families with kids. 

Manhattan Beach

This is a great place for kids to explore tidal pools and spot sea creatures like starfish, crabs, and fish.

Leo Carrillo State Park North ; South Beach

This beach is definitely more quiet and residential than others that we've talked about. With the Playa Del Rey neighborhood on one side and the beautiful ocean on the other, you can walk down the sand with two different views to enjoy.

Playa Del Rey Beach

This beach has a lot of lifeguards, which is great if you are planning on taking a dip in the ocean. You have a wonderful view of the mountains on this beach, though the Santa Monica pier isn't too far and you can see it from the beach.

Will Rogers State Beach

You may or may not be surprised to know that Paradise Cove Beach has been featured in several different movies over time. Its picturesque views of the ocean and sandstone cliffs make it a great destination for sightseeing while still having plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Paradise Cove Beach

Though they both have "Cove" in the name, this beach is much different from Paradise Cove Beach. Abalone Cove is a small beach in Palos Verdes, and it is very nature-esque.

Abalone Cove Beach

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