Best Beaches in California for Families

From SoCal to NorCal, we’ve selected some of the best family-friendly beaches the state has to offer.

The beaches of La Jolla in Southern California are worth a full day of exploration and perhaps even a long weekend if your schedule allows. 

La Jolla Shores Beach,  La Jolla 

Santa Monica State Beach, Santa Monica 

A family favorite, Santa Monica State Beach has an amazing playground, an amusement park, and 3.5 miles of coastline to enjoy. 

East Beach, Santa Barbara 

This beach has an awesome waterfront that is perfect for bicycling along the coast or visiting the Andree Clark Bird Refuge. 

Arroyo Burro Beach,  Santa Barbara

Arroyo Burro is the perfect dog-friendly choice so that the entire family can enjoy California’s splendid coasts. 

Crispy Field, San Francisco 

For families looking for a beach day close to San Francisco, Crispy Field is an excellent place to spend the day by the water. 

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

Another NorCal favorite, Glass Beach offers a truly unique beach day. As its name implies, this beach is one of the best places in the country to collect beach glass.

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