Best Beaches in Orange County for Families

There’s nothing like a day full of family fun at the beach. In Orange County, you may be overwhelmed by the number of incredible beaches to pick from.

Orange County has a beach for your tribe! So, what are the best beaches in Orange County for families? Let’s find out!

This beach is great for all families; those who want to relax and sunbathe and those who’d rather explore.

Little Corona Del Mar Beach

Crystal Cove is a nature lover’s paradise. Enjoy the nature trail that’s perfect for bird watching, whale watching, and kite flying.

Crystal Cove State Beach

As the name suggests, Baby Beach is ideal for young families with children. It’s located at Dana Point, a waveless harbor south of Badlands Park.

Baby Beach at Dana Point

Newport Beach Municipal Beach is a day trip treat. Newport Pier is long and has plenty of room for fishing, birdwatching, and looking for fish and dolphins.

Newport Beach Municipal Beach

It has a long pier that’s great for walking the kids down to look at the ocean and birds. The best thing about Seal Beach is its large playground.

Seal Beach

Aliso Beach is probably the most popular favorite in Laguna. It is on the family-friendly list for being easily accessible with close parking and restrooms.

Aliso Beach

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