Best Places to visit in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky is situated in the northern portion of the state along the Ohio River. It is definitely a city worth visiting, offering a variety of attractions.

Best Places to visit in Louisville, Kentucky

You can visit any other time of the year, as well, even if there are no races going on. You can book a tour through the Derby Museum to see the grounds.

Churchill Downs

Bourbon Trail

You can tour the various distilleries and taste the famous bourbon yourself on the Bourbon Trail.

The Muhammed Ali Center is a museum dedicated to his legacy, featuring permanent galleries and exhibits, as well as hosting temporary events. 

Muhammed Ali Center

Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom is an amusement park featuring several roller coasters, a water park (Hurricane Bay), and a variety of rides/activities to suit all ages. 

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

In the early 1900s, tuberculosis was widespread and the Sanatorium was used to house ill patients. 

Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge used to be a railroad but now functions as a pedestrian only crossing. The bridge itself is half a mile long and connects Louisville with Jeffersonville, Indiana on the other side, spanning the Ohio River.

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