Best Places to visit in  San Jose, California

San Jose is not one of the top destinations in California, often shaded by San Diego, San Francisco, and Napa Valley, but it’s worth visiting. 

This northern located hidden gem is oozing with interesting places, fun finds, and lots of cultural events all year round.

Things to Do in  San Jose!

One of the top-ranked areas of the city is Santana Row. 

Take a Stroll on Santana Row

Check Out the Winchester Mystery House

It’s shrouded in mystery and is said to have some spooky sensations coming from within.

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

If you’re into the ancient Egyptians and their mysterious ways of life, give the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum a visit. 

If there is one thing that San Jose is known for across the globe, it’s the rose garden. 

Smell the Roses

Wandering through the streets you’ll find a ton of traditional shops and restaurants, some of them still run by the same families that started them.


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