Discover what keeps Austin, Texas so Weird

Austin nurtures a liberal, Bohemian lifestyle WHICH HELPS THE CITY LIVE UP TO ITS SLOGAN, "KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD"

Austin is named after Stephen F. Austin, the Father of the Republic OF TEXAS

for the longest time, Austin remained a sleepy university town (albeit with a vibrant music, art and bohemian cultural scene).

All that changed in the late 1990s with a boom. Austin today is a major hub for research and development, computers and biotechnology. Of course, the music, art, and food Austin is known for never left.

Self-expression is a prime directive for the populace of Austin. From the highly educated to the bohemian free living artists, Austin's residents encourage people to simply be themselves.

P.S. Texas does not have a state income tax, which helps keep Austin residents smiling.

Austin residents love their food, wine and entertainment and are always available to party!

Austin's current reputation is being the Silicon Valley of the Southern US, with concentrations in computer technology, software development, semiconductors, and biotech. Many large companies headquartered in Austin

Live music has taken on a life of its own in Austin. From the iconic Sixth Street venues to the South by Southwest Music Festival, Austin has created a unique image – not a specific genre like blues, jazz, country, folk or bluegrass but any and all of them.

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