Few things you need to know about Connecticut

Where is Connecticut on the Map?

Connecticut is located in the northeastern corner of the United States. The Constitution State is one of six in this area that is referred to as a New England state. Connecticut shares a border with Massachusetts to the north, New York to the west, and Rhode Island in the east.

Is Connecticut a Good Place to Live?

Overall, Connecticut is a decent place to live. If you are capable of handling severe summers and winters and you have secure finances, Connecticut could be a good place for you to live.

What Is Connecticut Most Famous For?

Connecticut is most famous for being the site of Yale, one of the United States’ most prestigious universities. Originally founded as the Collegiate School in 1701, Yale is one of nine colleges that was founded prior to the American Revolution, and it is the third oldest college in the US.

What Is the Best City to Live in in Connecticut?

While there are several cities in Connecticut that contend for the title of “Best City to Live In” due to the high quality of life, low crime rates, and affluence that apply to most of the state, Shelton is the best city according to data from the most recent census and the FBI.

What Are the Best Places to Visit in Connecticut?

Coastal Connecticut is one of the best areas to visit in the state, especially if you are looking to cool off at the beach during the summer. Of the thirty-six towns that are connected to the shoreline, Clinton is one of the most popular for beach visits, as there are several marinas there.

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