Interesting Facts about New York City (NYC)

Is New York City a good place to live?

If you watch some quintessentially “New York” films like The Naked City, The French Connection, or Taxi Driver, your impression of New York City will be as a crime-ridden, dirty urban wasteland.

Contemporary New York is totally different. Crime declined precipitously at the turn of the century, and multiple city and state administrations worked to revitalize neglected areas. This attracted many employers to New York.

One concern for anyone considering making New York City their home is the cost of living. It is by far the most expensive place to live in America.

What are the best areas to live in New York City?

The most desirable neighborhoods in New York tend to be located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. They are also among the most expensive.

What is New York City known for?

New York City is certainly an entertainment capital. In Midtown, you can catch a Broadway performance or stand in line for an audience spot at a taping of the Tonight Show or the Daily Show. Further downtown, you can catch a more out-there off-Broadway theater show. During the summer, you can try your luck securing free tickets to the acclaimed Shakespeare in the Park.