Interesting Things Austin, Texas is known for

Visitors will find the city's motto, "KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD" to be true!

Austin nurtures a liberal, Bohemian lifestyle at odds with being the capital of Texas.

Good news for visitors, this opens up a vista of possibilities for things to see and do when you stop by Austin.

Austin was incorporated in 1839, building on the site of a buffalo-hunting region named Waterloo (mostly inhabited by Tonkawa and Comanche tribes), after being identified as the site for the capital of the newly formed Republic of Texas. It was named after Stephen F. Austin, the Father of the Republic.

The capital was moved to Houston for 4 years in 1842. however, When Texas joined the American Union in 1845, Austin was reinstated as its capital.

Austin today is a major hub for research and development, computers and biotechnology

Austin is the eleventh largest city in the nation (the fourth largest city in Texas).

Austin residents always seem ready to accept new ideas from neighbors and visitors.

Austin has been dubbed both the “Live Music Capital of the World” and “The Drunkest City of the US”.

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