interesting things to know about the state of Nevada

Affectionately known as the silver state, Nevada is the gambling and entertainment capital of the country.

With its arid deserts, snow-peaked mountains, lush national parks, and bustling cities, Nevada has a little something for everyone.

Why is Nevada called the silver state?

Nevada contains the largest silver deposit in the U.S. and silver played an important role in its development; in fact, about 30 percent of all silver produced in the U.S. comes from Nevada.

What is Nevada famous for?

The city of Las Vegas, of course. Located in Clark county, in southern Nevada, Las Vegas, often known simply as “Vegas”, is the entertainment capital of the world.

During its existence, Nevada has already had multiple state flags. In 1905, the first flag was introduced. Nevada’s new flag was approved in 1991

There are about 150 marriages in Las Vegas each day.

Interesting Facts about Nevada

Nevada has the most mountain ranges of any U.S. state.

Area 51, famed for its extra-terrestrial related conspiracy theories, is located in the southern part of Nevada.

Nevada has the highest gold production of any U.S. state; in the world, it is second only to South Africa..

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