Interesting things to know about the State of Kansas

Dorothy Gale said it best: there’s no place like home! And for her, home was Kansas, also known as The Sunflower State.

This state is known for its abundantly fertile farmland and is considered the wheat capital of the world.

Kansas is part of the Midwest, a region considered ‘America’s Heartland’, responsible for the agricultural and commercial production that fed and clothed the rest of the country for many years.

Kansas takes its baseball fandoms seriously. You’re either a Kansas Jayhawks fan or a loyal supporter of the K-State Wildcats. Rivalry is fierce, so choose wisely!

Whether you know Kansas for its sunflowers, its wheat, or its tornadoes, they all thrive in Kansas because of one reason: the state is as flat as a pancake.

The strangely named Nutterville is a town named after James B. Nutter, a local businessman who renovated a whole bunch of houses with vibrant colors, stunning, manicured gardens, and whimsical features. It’s not to be missed when you visit Kansas

Take in a bit of history with Dodge City, once nicknamed ‘The Wickedest Little City in America.’ Walk around the recreated town for a drink in the saloon, and watch actors engage in mock gunfights for some good ol’ cowboy entertainment.

Kansas boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets in the whole world, thanks to its flat landscape, so that the effects of the sunset can be seen for miles

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