interesting things to know about the state of Wisconsin

Wisconsin  is the 23rd largest state in the United States with a diverse geography and booming cities.

Wisconsin produces about 2.9 billion pounds of cheese, accounting for 25.4% of all cheese produced in the U.S.

Wisconsin became part of the United States in 1783, after the revolutionary war. Wisconsin gained statehood on May 29, 1848, becoming the 30th state in The United States.

The tools symbolize the sort of work that individuals did at the time the flag was made in 1863; the symbols for agriculture (plough), mining (pick and shovel), production (arm and hammer), and navigation (anchor). The badger is the state animal hence it is present on the flag.

 The largest wooly mammoth known to man was discovered in Wisconsin.

 Wisconsin has more than 15,000 lakes making up about 3% of its total area.

The Milwaukee County Zoo located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin covers more than 190 acres and houses more than houses 1,800 animals. The zoo is home to the largest group of bonobos in one location outside the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Noah’s Ark Water Park, located in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, is the largest water park in the United States.

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