Interesting things to know about Utah

Utah, the Beehive State, is known for its extraordinary snow and geography more than anything else, and the low crime rate and high quality of life

Utah and all of the states that border it, as well as Montana, are often included in a region that is known as the Interior West, or the Mountain States.

Thanks to the incredible terrain, easy access to fitness activities, active job market, appreciating homes, reliable infrastructure, and low crime rate, Utahans are very happy and healthy overall.

The Beehive State is most notable for its stunning geography, which attracts hordes of tourists all year round. Not only is Utah home to a portion of the Rocky Mountains, but several other natural wonders like caverns, arches, canyons, and of course, The Great Salt Lake.

The flag of Utah was changed fairly recently, back in 2011. The new flag is very similar to the one that had been official since 1913. The new flag simply fixed a mistake, the placement of the year 1847, which is supposed to be and is now on the shield.

It comes as no surprise that many of the top-rated places to visit in Utah are the national parks

Zion National Park has been hailed by many tourists and locals as the most impressive park. This park features several of Utah’s natural marvels, particularly the canyons, some of which you can actually drive through in your own vehicle during the winter.

Buses typically make periodic trips through the canyon for the rest of the year.

Aside from the national parks, Salt Lake City is a great place to visit for the ski resorts, the history museum that houses many of those famous dinosaur bones, and much of the architecture.

The Mormon Temple is a popular spot, although only Mormons can enter the building.