Things to do in Boston with Kids

The city is a treasure trove, offering folks of all ages the chance to immerse themselves in the rich history of our country, or simply the chance to explore all the hidden gems it has to offer.

It’s truly one of the most family-friendly destinations you can check off your bucket list, especially with these must-see attractions waiting for your arrival…

It’s a short expedition, so it’s perfect if you just need a quick bit to relax, and especially great if you have kiddos who aren’t likely to want to sit still for long.

Swan Boats

There’s no shortage of arts, culture, and learning to delve into while you’re there, making it a great stop for kiddos of all ages.

Museum of Fine Arts

Along the trail, you and your family will happen upon 16 deeply important landmarks, significant not only to the city of Boston but to the country as a whole.

Freedom Trail

Take to the seas with a visit to the New England Aquarium, a pioneer in the journey to understanding marine life, and a Boston-borne attraction that boasts 1.3M annual visitors.

New England Aquarium

You will love the dedication of the staff, dressed to the nines in historically accurate attire, and deeply excited to speak of the history of that fateful night.

Boston Tea Party Ships

Take a break from ground-level attractions and elevate your Boston vacation to new heights with a visit to the Skywalk Observatory, located right in the heart of the city.

Skywalk Observatory

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