Things to do in Louisville with Kids

Louisville is known for being a big city with country roots. This city, the heart of Kentucky, is the largest in the state and rests beside the scenic Ohio River. 

Next time you find yourself in the city, or if you are currently planning a trip, check out these top destinations for you and your family to visit:

The Kentucky Derby happens every year in May, making the museum a popular stop for tourists looking to learn more about Kentucky’s longest-running sport.

1. Kentucky Derby Museum

The tour guides will give you lots of great information to help further your knowledge of the Kentucky Derby.

2. Churchill Downs

You can finally learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about baseball bats and more at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory!

4. Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

If you want a classic day of family fun at an amusement park, look no further than the Kentucky Kingdom.

5. Kentucky Kingdom

Got some animal fans in your family? A trip to the zoo is always a great idea when visiting a new city because while every zoo is a little different, you will know what to expect.

6. Louisville Zoo

If you want to embark on a cruise with the family, consider taking one of the many fun kids’ cruises.

7. Belle of Louisville and Mary M. Miller River Boats

Take a picnic lunch and enjoy the sights, or stop by in the evening to see the colorful bridge lights. The best part of it all is that visiting the park is free!

8. Louisville Waterfront Park

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