What are the Best Beaches in Maui for Families?

Finding a beach on the island of Maui is the easy part since you can travel long enough in any direction and hit a shoreline.

In the rest of the story, we are going to look at five of the best beaches for families in Maui and what you need to know about each of them. 

Baby Beach welcomes families from the moment you read its name. Located in West Maui, it is a great destination for your little ones.

Baby Beach, Lahaina

Napili Bay takes an old school approach compared to a lot of Hawaii’s most famous beaches.

Napili Bay, Napili

Kapalua Bay, Kapalua

The reputation of Kapalua Bay goes beyond Maui and even beyond Hawaii. The beach is renowned for its exceptional beauty, and this fame is well founded.

Launiupoko Beach Park, Lahaina

Launiupoko is the most isolated of the beaches we have looked at since it sits a few miles from the center of Lahaina with little else between them.

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