What is Iowa Known for?

On a US map with no states labeled, finding Iowa is easiest by finding the three rivers that create Iowa’s borders to the east and west.

Iowa is nicknamed the Hawkeye state, after the highest point of elevation: Hawkeye Point.

Iowa was initially French, then it was Spanish, then it was French again for three weeks before the French sold the region to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase.

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa. It is also the most populous city in the state.

Iowa’s Capital City

Reasons to Visit Iowa

Iowa has plenty to do outdoors beyond the corn fields. Big Spirit Lake and Okoboji lake are popular spots for fishing, carnivals, swimming, and glass-bottom boat tours.

The Maquoketa Caves are a great place to explore a snapshot of an older time.

Ledges State Park has a lot of great camping sites and even some day trip locales for picnickers, hikers, and swimmers.