What is Nebraska Known for?

It is surrounded in the north by South Dakota, in the east by Iowa and a small portion of Missouri, and in the south by Kansas, all Midwest states.

Agriculture is the dominant industry in Nebraska with 25% of jobs in the state relating to the industry. Over 90% of Nebraska’s 77,000 square miles is farmland.

What Are Some of the Most Unique Places to Visit in Nebraska?

The structure was built to replicate the famous Stonehenge and is constructed from 38 old automobiles.


The Lied Jungle can be found in the Henry Doorly Zoo located in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Lied Jungle

This sandstone formation is sacred to the Native Americans and marks an important reference point during the westward expansion.

Chimney Rock

The Cowboy Trail is almost 200 miles of recreational trail in northern Nebraska traversing across the plains and over numerous bridges including the scenic Valentine Bridge.

The Cowboy Trail