What is Pennsylvania known for?

The state’s southern border is shared with Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia. Finally, the state’s western border is shared with West Virginia and Ohio.

Lake Erie is the only of the Great Lakes bordering Pennsylvania, and it shares a small shoreline on the northwestern corner of the state.

Like any other location, Pennsylvania can be found easily by its GPS coordinates. Pennsylvania has a latitude of 41.2033° N and a longitude of 77.1945° W.

Pennsylvania is a large state, expanding over 46,000 square miles. Despite its size, it only ranks as the 33rd largest state of the total fifty states.

Pennsylvania is a mountainous landscape covered in wilderness and winding rivers, such as the Delaware River, the Susquehanna River, and the Ohio River.

Nearly 13 million people live in Pennsylvania, and the population is only climbing. Relative to its size, the state is densely populated, much like many of the states on the Eastern coast.

Many people are shocked to discover that Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania.

There is a wealth of entertainment activity in Pennsylvania, from hiking one of its many majestic trails to marveling at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to catching a Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Some of the most popular sites include Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Gettysburg National Park.

Being a state with dense woodlands and rivers, there are around 500 native species of wild birds and mammals native to Pennsylvania. Among those are the black bear, red fox, muskrat, mink, and bobcat.

Pennsylvania is a source of pride for the United States of America. Not only is it the site of the nation’s founding, but it also is a symbol of that which the country upholds - diversity, freedom, and democracy.

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