What is the Capital of Washington?

The capital of the state of Washington is the city of Olympia. It was established as the territory’s capital in 1853 and continued as its capital when Washington became a state in 1889.

In this story, we’ll cover where the capital of Washington is located, Olympia’s history in brief, and the reason behind its establishment as the state’s capital.

Where Is The Capital of Washington Located?

Olympia is located in the state of Washington, which is a West Coast state in the U.S.A on the continent of the Americas.

Brief History of Olympia

Olympia was once a state known for commerce and logging, but in modern times it houses canning and sawmill industries.

When Did Olympia Become The Capital Of Washington?

Olympia became the official capital of Washington in 1889.

Best Places To Visit In Olympia

If you’re going to head to this capital, it won’t hurt to be informed about all the greatest offerings the city can make to visitors! 

Washington State Capitol

The Washington State Capitol can boast the highest free-standing dome made of masonry in the United States. 

Nisqually Red Wind Casino

The Red Wind Casino is one of the most popular places to go for entertainment in Olympia.

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

This provides a habitat for all sorts of birds and mammals, along with a boardwalk for visitors to observe the wildlife. It is a popular bird watching destination!