Why is Honolulu the Capital of Hawaii?

Known for being the state’s principal port and its bustling tourism, the capital of Hawaii, is the city of Honolulu.

In the rest of this story, I’ll be going over everything about Honolulu, including some surprising historical facts you probably didn’t know!

Honolulu instead sits on the island of Oahu, Hawaii’s third largest island.

Where Is The Capital Of Hawaii Located?

Honolulu became the capital of Hawai’i around 1850.

When did Honolulu become the Capital of Hawaii?

Honolulu became the capital of Hawaii due to its important location for trading.

Why is Honolulu the capital of Hawaii?

If you’re planning a trip to the historic and gorgeous shores of Honolulu, here are the top five must-see places to visit:

Best Places to visit in Honolulu

Step onto a page of history and honor those who lost their lives during the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor Memorial

The state monument is mostly known for its historic hiking trail and gorgeous views of Waikiki and surrounding beaches.

Diamond Head State Monument

Located on the southern shore of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach is the heart of the bustling capital city. It first became famous for being the playground of Hawaiian royalty.

Waikiki Beach