Why is Lansing the Capital of Michigan?

Not too sure about your state capitals? Don’t worry. Plenty of people are in the same boat as you. That’s why we want to answer the question ‘what is the capital of Michigan?’.

The capital of Michigan is Lansing. Interestingly, Lansing hasn’t always been the state capital.

Where Is The Capital of Michigan Located?

The city is located around 90 miles east of the city of Detroit, which is currently the largest city in Michigan. 

Brief History Of Lansing

The history of Lansing is actually rather minimal. It has only been a major player in the state of Michigan since it became the state capital.

When Did Lansing Become The Capital Of Michigan?

Lansing became the state capital in 1847. Although, it certainly wasn’t without its detractors.

Best Places To Visit In Lansing

Despite Lansing being a fairly small city, there is still plenty to explore in the area. Here are some of our highlights.

Potter Park Zoo

Who doesn’t love a good trip to the zoo? Potter Park Zoo has over 100 different species of animal. 

Michigan State Capital

The state capital is where the government does its work. At regular times throughout the day, tours will take you through this absolutely stunning building.