What Does the Yellow Stripe in a Black and White American Flag Mean?

What Does the Yellow Stripe in a Black and White American Flag Mean?
What Does the Yellow Stripe in a Black and White American Flag Mean?

The colored thin lines seen in American flags displayed at people’s homes have different meanings. They’re meant to show support for specific groups of people.

A black and white American flag with a thin yellow stripe down the middle represents support for dispatchers and tow truck drivers that are susceptible to on-the-job stress. There are currently nine variations of American flags with thin colored lines to show support.

Read on to find out more about the yellow stripe and what it represents.

Yellow Stripe on a Black and White American Flag

The yellow stripe in a black and white American flag represents support for dispatchers and tow truck drivers who encounter danger in their line of work. 

Dispatchers have high stress jobs. They’re often dealing with time-sensitive and life-threatening situations. Dispatchers have been targeted by people, also. They can receive threats to their safety and sometimes endure abuse from callers.

Tow truck drivers work out in the field. This is sometimes a highly dangerous gig. They often tow vehicles against the wishes of the owners. They also work along roadsides and in traffic, which is extremely dangerous at times.

Does a Gold Stripe Mean the Same Thing as a Yellow Stripe?

The gold stripe and the yellow stripe have similar meanings. 

While the yellow stripe represents support for both dispatchers and tow truck drivers, the gold stripe displays support for dispatchers only. 

Tow truck drivers are not associated with the gold stripe.

What Are the Other Colored Stripes in American Flags?

There are nine different colored stripes that represent support for various groups within American flags. Let’s look at what the other eight are.

  • Thin Blue Line – Law Enforcement
  • Thin Red Line – Firefighters and Fire Service
  • Thin Green Line – Military, Park Rangers, Wildlife Officers, Federal Agents, Border Patrol
  • Thin Gold Line – Dispatchers
  • Thin Orange Line – EMT Personnel, Search and Rescue 
  • Thin Purple Line – Security Guards, Security Personnel (used to be Politicians Who Experienced Violence)
  • Thin Silver Line – Corrections Officers
  • Thin White Line – Emergency Medical Services

How Should I Fly My American Flag?

There are some etiquette rules you should follow when flying an American flag. You should have it up all year long.

Some holidays are known for flying flags at half-staff. These include May 7 – National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service, May 15 – Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 29 – Memorial Day (half-staff until noon), September 11 – Patriot Day, and December 7 – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

Some people mistakenly think you should fly your flag at half-staff on Veterans Day. That is a common misconception, however, because many veterans are living.

Final Thoughts

Thin colored stripes on American flags allow you to display support for those you want to in front of your home. Official websites allow you to choose the color you want and customize your flag to show what you care about. If you want to support the dispatcher or tow truck driver in your life, a yellow stripe in a black and white American flag is ideal for your needs.

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