Which country has a red flag with a black star?

There is no national flag that is red with a black star. The only flag that comes close is the Moroccan flag, which is a field of red with a hollow, five-pointed green star in the center. The green may appear black depending on distance and lighting. 

Red is a popular color in flag design, and stars are arguably the most common symbol used in most national flags. 

There are some flags that incorporate the color red and also have a black star in their flag’s design, which we’ll cover in this article. We’ll also be discussing flags that are solely red and feature a single star. 

Read on to learn about red flags that feature a single star, as well as flags that incorporate black stars and the color red in their designs. 

Red Flags with One Five-Pointed Star

There are three solely red national flags featuring a single five-pointed star. 

  • Morocco
  • Vietnam

1. Morocco

Morocco Flag
Morocco Flag

Morocco’s flag features a hollow green five-pointed star against a plain field of red. Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, this country is in north Africa and borders Egypt. 

The flag symbolizes Morocco opening and becoming relevant in the international world, which is why the star isn’t filled in like the stars on other flags. Morocco’s flag has been the national flag since 1915. 

2. Vietnam

Vietnam Flag
Vietnam Flag

Another bold and memorable flag, the Vietnamese flag is a field of plain red with a large yellow five-pointed star in the center.  

Historically, red and yellow have been the traditional colors in Vietnamese flag design. While the current design has been around since 1940, the country itself has undergone political shifts. 

In the Vietnamese flag’s design, the red represents bloodshed and revolution while the yellow star symbolizes the five classes that make Vietnam successful: intellectuals, entrepreneurs, workers, farmers, and soldiers. 

Flags that Use a Black Star and the Color Red

The flags that use both the color red and a black star in their flag designs are as follows: 

  • Ghana
  • São Tomé and Príncipe

1. Ghana

Ghana Flag
Ghana Flag

Ghana is a country in West Africa that borders the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean. Its flag consists of three horizontal bands – red at the top, yellow in the middle, and green along the bottom. The three bands are of equal width. 

The most eye-catching part of Ghana’s flag, however, is the five-pointed black star in the flag’s center. It is said to represent slavery and imperialism and is a relic from the nation’s past. 

While the flag was originally designed in 1957, it didn’t become Ghana’s national flag until 1966. 

2. São Tomé and Príncipe 

Flag of Sao Tome and Principe
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe

This African country is composed of two small islands off Africa’s eastern coast. The flag features a red triangle on the flag’s hoist side and three horizontal bands – green bands along the flag’s top and bottom borders, sandwiching a slightly wider yellow band in the center. 

Two black stars sit in the center yellow stripe, known as the Black Star(s) of Africa, which traditionally represent Ghana. 

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