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Aldeburgh beach in the county of Suffolk England
Aldeburgh beach in the county of Suffolk England

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The United Kingdom is a hub of beautiful coastal and seaside resorts. Other than this, it consists of beautiful towns and villages that have become the highlight of the United Kingdom because of the attractive locations that it consists of. There are a huge number of tourists visiting tourists every year to have a look at these places and to appreciate the beauty of these locations. All these places no matter how old they are, are retained in their best condition ensuring that the old-world charm retains and the tourists can see the beautiful historical culture of these places. One such county in England is Suffolk which is equally beautiful as many other towns and counties in England. 

Suffolk Beaches 

There are several beaches located in Suffolk in the East Anglian side in England. All of them are known for the beautiful and picturesque views that they offer along with a lot of attractive spots to visit and to take pictures of. These beaches are worth visiting with friends as well as family to spend your vacations at a perfect spot. 

The following mentioned beaches are some of the best beaches in the United Kingdom. Most of them are blue flag award holders considering the quality of water they provide along with the tidiness of the beach which adds to the beauty of the beach. 

Aldeburgh beach

One of the prominent beaches of Suffolk is Aldeburgh beach. It is known to be the best of all the beaches located in Suffolk. Aldeburgh beach is a long stretch of sand and shingle. Since it is backed up by the seaside town of Aldeburgh, all the necessary facilities are found here. This place is a beautiful spot that is to be explored by tourists. Make sure you visit this beach when you have plenty of time so that you can spend enough time exploring the different locations that are on the sides of the beachfront. 

Since Suffolk is the hub of beautiful, historical locations, there are several traditional buildings that can be found near the beaches. One such building found near Aldeburgh beach is the Moot hall which is approximately 400-year-old. Other buildings near the beach consist of a Martello tower and a Norman church. If you are a history lover, then this is the ideal place for you to visit as you can enjoy at the beach with friends and family and at the same time, you can also explore the different historical locations nearby. It will double the fun and adventure. 

There is no lifeguard service available at the beach. Dogs are allowed at the beach but there are seasonal restrictions applied to them which means that they are not allowed from 1st May to 30th September which is the summer season. Make sure you follow the seasonal restrictions before bringing your pets along with you to avoid any inconvenience that may be caused. 

There is a pub nearby as well. The fish and chips that are available at the East coast are a must-try whenever you visit Aldeburgh beach. Make sure you do try them whenever you are nearby as they are praised by all those who have previously visited. 

Dunwich heath beach

Another beautiful beach located in Suffolk is Dunwich heath beach. It is a long stretch of sand and shingle. The beach is popular with a range of species of wildlife which includes red deer, nightjar, woodlark, and adders. Dunwich heath beach is a well-reputed family beach where you can visit with your entire family and enjoy a perfect day at the beach. 

When there is a mid-tide, a great deal of sand is exposed which provides plenty of space to the people to run around or to build sandcastles. There is lifeguard service available at the beach and dogs are also allowed except for a few months when seasonal restrictions are imposed on them. There is a picnic area at the beach as well. You can bring your food as well and then enjoy a meal with your family in the middle of the day. 

Places to visit in Suffolk

Suffolk is known for the historical charm that it holds in itself. This is primarily because of the huge number of historical places and locations that exist in Suffolk. This is one of the reasons that a huge number of people visit Suffolk and prioritize it as a travel destination. 

One of the attractive places in Suffolk is Beccles which is a market town in the area. Beccles is so peaceful that if you wish to retreat to a place where you can find peace and it is away from the noise of the town, then Beccles is the ideal place for you to visit. Some of the other places that are worth visiting in Suffolk include Clare which is also a market town, Framlingham, and also New Market. All of them are equally beautiful and interesting places to visit. 

Suffolk Climate 

The climate in Suffolk is warm, mild, and temperate. It is located 20 meters above sea level. The highest level of temperature that is observed in Suffolk is 25.5 degrees Celsius and is observed in July while the lowest level of temperature is 3.8 degrees Celsius and is observed in January which is usually regarded as the coldest month of the year. The average temperature in Suffolk is 14.9 degrees Celsius. Rainfall in the county is significant throughout the year. This means that the rainfall is sufficient even in the driest month. 

The highest level of rainfall is observed in July which is approximately 130 mm while the lowest level of rainfall is observed in November which is approximately 74 mm. The amount of rainfall throughout the year is approximately 1185 mm. The ideal time to visit Suffolk is between May to September as during those months, the temperature is pleasant and the rainfall is also limited.


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