Southerndown beach (Dunraven Bay) | Full Guide with Pictures

The cliffs at Southerndown beach (Dunraven Bay)

Southerndown beach (Dunraven Bay) | Full Guide with Pictures

The United Kingdom is known to be rich in beautiful beaches that provide remarkable views and facilities to its visitors. The coastal and seaside resorts along with counties that are located in the United Kingdom are a hub of beautiful locations. These counties offer beautiful locations to the tourists that are better than one another. The activities that these places offer to the visitors make these places worth visiting and also perfect spots for vacation. One such county is Glamorgan which is one of the thirteen counties that are located in Wales. It was also known as the administrative county of Wales previously. This historical county of Wales is a top-rated travel destination that is visited by people from all parts of the world. Here is a full guide on Southerndown beach (Dunraven Bay) with photos. Furthermore we have interesting facts and information on activities to take part in the nearby surroundings including weather details.

Southerndown beach (Dunraven Bay) photos

Beaches in Glamorgan

The beaches in Glamorgan are known for the beautiful and pleasing views that they offer to their valuable tourists. These beaches provide a satisfactory quality of water and tidiness which enhances the beauty of these beaches and make it an ideal place to go. Make sure you check the weather forecast before planning your visit so that you can get the most out of your trip and you enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family. The beaches in Glamorgan are worth visiting and appreciating. The following mentioned beaches are some of the best in the United Kingdom. 

Southerndown beach

One of the prominent beaches in Glamorgan is Southerndown beach. Another name for Southerndown beach is Dunraven bay. It is a long stretch of sand. However, when the tide is out, some of the rocky areas are exposed adding variety to the beach. The beach is enclosed by tall, spectacular cliffs on the sides. Some of the common activities at the beach are swimming and also some of the water sports like canoeing and surfing. It also consists of several rock pools that can only be viewed and explored when the tide is low. Therefore, if you spend a whole day at the Southerndown beach, you may be able to see the different faces of the beach as the tide goes in and comes out. It will enhance the beauty of the beach and will make it look even more attractive. 

The rocks that are found here at the Southerndown beach are rich in fossils. Therefore, if you are hunting for fossils then this place is the ideal place for you to visit. A car park facility is also available. Along with this, there are toilet facilities as well for tourists. There is a lifeguard service available at the beach. It is a dog-friendly beach however, there are seasonal restrictions applied on the entry of dogs from 1st May to 30th September. Therefore, you should consider the seasonal restrictions before bringing your pets with you to the beach so that you do not come across any inconvenience. There is a shop as well to facilitate the visitors with snacks and refreshments that they may require in the middle of the day. Rock pooling, surfing, and bathing are some of the activities that are commonly performed at the Southerndown beach. The water quality is great and that is why it has received awards from the marine conservation society. 

Temple Bay

Temple Bay is another beach closer to the Southerndown beach. It is a long stretch of sand and rock. There is no lifeguard service available. It is a dog-friendly beach however; you must check for any sign boards or directions that may indicate the entry or no entry of dogs. Temple bay is also famous for several species of wildlife which are not commonly found in other parts of the country. If you wish to explore these species, then this is the best place for you to visit. This place is also suitable for fossil hunting. Other than this, there are high cliffs at the back of the beach which are made of sandstone and limestone. These cliffs are unstable and they may fall therefore, make sure you do not stand too close to the cliffs. 

Places to visit in Glamorgan

Glamorgan is known for its beautiful gardens, beaches, parks, and more. Some of the beautiful attractions include Dyffryn House and gardens which consist of attractive and remarkable gardens. These places are ideal places to go to with families and friends for a perfect day out. You can explore the greenery and nature around you to the fullest. Porthkerry country park is also a remarkable place to visit in Glamorgan. All these places are beautiful attractions that are full of greenery providing a scenic view to the tourists. If you are looking for a peaceful place to visit where you can sit around nature and spend some quality time with your loved ones, then you will find plenty of places in Glamorgan as there are several gardens and parks in the area that are more beautiful than one another. 

Glamorgan Weather 

The weather in Glamorgan tends to be wetter than the cities and counties of England and also experiences less sunshine. The highest level of temperature that is observed in Glamorgan is in July and is approximately 20 degrees Celsius while the lowest level of temperature that is observed is in February and is approximately 1 degree Celsius. The level of rainfall in Glamorgan is significant throughout the year. This means that there is sufficient rainfall even during the driest month of the year. 

The highest level of rainfall in Glamorgan is recorded in November which is approximately 100 mm while the lowest level of rainfall is recorded in April which is approximately 58 mm. The ideal time to visit Glamorgan is from April to August as during this time the weather is pleasant. This is because the temperature is controlled and rainfall is also limited. Make sure you check the weather forecast before planning your trip to the desired destination so that no inconvenience is caused later in terms of the plans that have been made about travelling and exploring new places. 


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