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Broadstairs Overview

Broadstairs is a coastal town located in East Kent, England. It has a population of approximately 25,000. Previously, the town was a fishing port but later it developed into a hub of shipbuilding. Although the major attractions in Broadstairs are the number of beaches in and around the area, but there many more exciting places also that the people wish to pay a visit to. The town has so much to offer the visitors and residents from beaches to amusement parks, art galleries, restaurants, cafes and much more.

Places to visit in Broadstairs

Little Art Gallery

Out of all the exciting places in Broadstairs, one of the famous one is The Little Art Gallery. It covers a small space but has a little bit of everything inside. Over 300 paintings, crafts and art pieces are displayed in the gallery which is made by local artists. Usually, art pieces are increasingly expensive and out of the range of an ordinary individual but it is surprising to see that the paintings in the gallery are very reasonable and easily affordable.

It is a small art shop with a variety of different prints and designs made by local artists. Not only does the gallery display different pieces of art but it also holds art lessons for people who wish to learn. It is open on weekends throughout the year and on weekdays only in summer. If one wishes to see this beautiful display of paintings and handicrafts, then the trip must be planned in summers or on weekends so that the visit to The Little Art Gallery is not missed. 

Crampton Tower Museum

For all the history lovers, Broadstairs offer a fascinating insight into local history through the Crampton Tower Museum. The museum pays a tribute to Thomas Crampton and his contributions in the field of railway. The building is well maintained. It consists of train layouts so if you are enthusiastic about engineering and railways, then this is an ideal place for you. Other than the adults, children also get very excited at the museum as there is a train layout with which the children play happily and there is also an opportunity for the children to design their layout. It is the best way to spend some time around the historical things and the place is worth a visit if one is in Broadstairs. 

Church of St Peter in Thanet

Another beautiful monument from the history located on Broad stairs is the Church of St Peter in Thanet. The oldest part of the church is as old as the 9th century therefore if one likes old churches and is a fan of historical monuments then he or she will like the church of St Peter. The infrastructure of the church is breathtaking with beautiful ceiling paintings, stained glass windows, old grave monuments and a huge cemetery that follows. The headstones in the cemetery are very interesting that some of the visitors are fond of viewing. The church provides the old world charm to its visitors. It is full of atmosphere and offers a variety of community events throughout the year that are not to be missed.

Broadstairs Beach Climate 

Before planning any trip, the climate of the area must be considered so that it could be determined when the area has a favourable temperature. Usually, the temperature of the Broadstairs is warm. The average temperature recorded throughout the year is 10.1 degrees. The months with the highest temperatures are between August and November. On the other hand, the months with the lowest temperatures are between February and May.

Other than the temperature, the town experiences excessive rainfall even in the warmest months of the year. The average rainfall recorded in Broadstairs is 582 mm. The months experiencing the most rainfall are between June to September while the driest month in Broadstairs is usually January. The ideal months to visit the area on a vacation are between March to May as the temperature remains controlled in these months which means that it is neither very high nor low. 

Beaches in Broadstairs 

The town of Broadstairs is full of and surrounded by beaches. There are almost 14 beaches in and around the town. All of these are known for their distinct characteristics and are capable of attracting several visitors. Since all the beaches are close to each other, there is a sense of competition between all of them.

Viking Bay

One of these beaches is the Viking Bay which is a very popular Broadstairs Beach. The beach is a long stretch of sand and comprises all features of a classic seaside resort. On one side of the beach is the harbour from where small fishing boats depart. On the other side of the beach are small, cosy huts. The view from the huts of the beach is breathtaking. At the time of sunrise and sunset, the pink and orange hues cover the entire sky making it look even more beautiful. If you are a fan of such views, then you must set an early alarm and make it to the Viking Bay to capture those spectacular views in your cameras.

Dumpton Gap Beach

Another beach in the area is the Dumpton Gap beach which is approximately 150 meters long and covered with sand all over. It is a centre point that connects with Louisa Bay on one side and Rams gate on the other. So, it is a good connecting point between these locations. Other than that, it offers many facilities for visitors. The sandy beach is a perfect spot for having a picnic with the family. As an alternative to that, there are many cafes and restaurants for freshly made snacks and refreshments. Also, the beach is a dog-friendly place. There are no restrictions regarding the entry of the dogs so you do not have to worry about it. The entire family can enjoy together without leaving their dogs at the back.

St. Mary’s Bay

St. Mary’s Bay is also known as the East cliff. It is located in between the two popular beaches, Stone Bay and Viking Bay. This Broadstairs beach is predominantly covered in sand with flat rocks. Also, there are a lot of rock pools on this beach. Like many other beaches in the area, there are many huts in one corner of the beach. These brightly coloured beaches are a speciality of the beach that is visible from far away indicating St. Mary’s Bay.  

Stone Bay

Another popular beach of the town is Stone Bay. This too has some beach huts at the corner of the beach which links the beach to the town of Broadstairs. There are high cliffs at the back of the beach which protect the beach from cold offshore winds and also separate the beach from the outside providing a feeling of seclusion.

Also closer to the time of sunset, these cliffs cast a shadow at the beach. One thing that the visitors must be careful about is that the high tide at the Stone Bay is extremely dangerous because it covers the entire area at that time. So, before planning a visit to the Stone Bay, you must check the tide times to avoid such a situation. The beach is covered in sand completely and is a perfect option to lie down and soak the sun. 

Another advantage of Stone Bay is that this beach is comparatively a quieter option than the rest of the beaches in the town. If you are looking for a spot where you can soak your feet in the sand and relax your mind away from the busy town the Stone Bay is the ideal place for you. Also, this beach is a blue flag holder which means that it meets the standards of the authorities therefore, there is no shortage of any facilities at the beach and is perfect for tourists to visit and spend the day. 

Kingsgate Beach

Another beach similar to the Stone Bay is Kingsgate beach. It is similar in the way that there are high cliffs at the back of the beach just like in Stone Bay. The beach is known for the sea caves which are very well reputed and popular in the country. It is a family beach and is relatively quieter than some of the other beaches in the town. This is a center point with Kingsgate caste at one side and Captain Digby public house on the other hand.

The beach is a long stretch of sand. Not only is the beach known for its beautiful views but it also is an ideal spot for the entire family to spend their day. This Broadstairs beach is also a dog-friendly area so there is no need to leave your dogs behind also there is a separate area for children to play. Various activities are organised for them in the play area so that they can enjoy their day to the fullest. 


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