Why is Camber Sands so Popular?

beautiful sandy beach, camber sands in England
beautiful sandy beach, camber sands in England

Camber Sands Beach Photos

Camber Sands, sandy beach at the village of Camber
Camber Sands, sandy beach at the village of Camber
Sunset over Camber Sands beach in England
Sunset over Camber Sands beach in England
Camber Sands beach in East Sussex, in the village of Camber, UK.
Camber Sands beach in East Sussex, in the village of Camber, UK.
beautiful golden sandy beach aerial view, camber sands in England
beautiful golden sandy beach aerial view, camber sands in England

Camber Sands

Located in the village of Camber, East Sussex is a beautiful beach known as the Camber Sands. It is the only Arabian looking beach on the south coast. For all those looking for beautiful, aesthetic views along with fun activities like kite surfing and horse riding should pay a visit to Camber Sands beach as it has it all. People from all over the world visit this sandy beach in the south of England whenever the holiday season arrives.

Places to visit 

Mermaid Street

Camber sands is very interesting when it comes to exploring amazing attractions nearby. Starting with Mermaid Street which is one of the loveliest and most famous streets in Britain welcoming people from different places to explore the beautiful half timbered buildings on both sides of the road. It is the perfect place for all those looking for cosy, antique tea spots and shops. One of these famous buildings is the Mermaid Inn. It is a six hundred year old building that serves as an ideal spot for couples and families to enjoy a drink in front of the fire. It is also a perfect place for individuals to capture pictures with the antique infrastructure of the street. 

Dungeness National Nature

Other places to explore nearby include the Dungeness National Nature reserve which is one of the largest landscapes of the planet. Visitors usually visit the nature reserve on a day trip and explore the rare mix of wildlife that is present there. The views at the reserve are aesthetic and magnificent.


For more scenes of the coast-line, visitors can also head over to the Lighthouse which is nearby. The old lighthouse is 46 meter high offering spectacular views of the English Channel from the top. This historical lighthouse holds numerous memories that attract people from different places. As one climbs the lighthouse, it displays stories of people who worked here and how they operated it. If you have a greater interest in the historical facts and events then do not forget to visit the Old Lighthouse and climb at the top for sweeping views and memories.

Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Light Railway

To reach the Old lighthouse, the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Light Railway is a delight to travel on to.  This is a relatively old railway that is 90 years old but is still functional and operates well. All those who are fond of travelling on trains and exploring the countryside should not miss this ride as it doubles the entertainment. Another interesting thing about the light railway is that it has four stations that connect to Idyllic woodland, quaint villages, and striking coastal views. The most interesting part is that all four stations are very close to the beaches. The magnificent views of the beaches along with the attractive interior of the train with the old world charm is not to be missed. 

Camber Sands Climate

Before planning a vacation, it is important to have a look at the climate of the area so packing could be done accordingly and also the trip can be scheduled at a time when the temperature is favourable. The sea temperature in Camber sands is the highest from July to September which is approximately 16 to 19 degrees. While the lowest temperature is in February and March which is as low as 5 degrees.

Even the temperature of 16 degrees which is usually the highest here is quite cool if the sun does not come out and people are advised to wear gloves and boots to cope up with the cold winds that blow in the face. However, if the sun comes out, then it may feel warm in a sealed body-suit. Winters in Camber sands are severe. Although the temperature does not fall below the freezing point but the off-shore winds replace the winds that have been warmed over the water because of the sun.

The ideal months to plan a holiday and visit Camber sands are between April to June or between November to January as the temperature remains normal and controlled in these months. It is neither too high nor too low. To enjoy a day perfectly, the conditions must be favorable so that the parents can enjoy without worrying about their health or their children and the visitors can wear whatever they want to. The water temperature, air temperature, and sunshine must be considered before planning a trip and the weather forecast should be checked daily to check if it would rain or not. 

Camber Sands Beach

Length of the beach

Camber Sands is very much different from the other beaches in Sussex as all the beaches that exist are covered with long stretch of pebbles. Camber sands is exclusive as it is the only beach that is covered in golden sand. It is a fairly big beach with approximately 5 miles covered in sand. When the tide drops out and the sand becomes wet, the beach looks even bigger. The wet sand makes the beach look beautiful as well as pleasing for the visitors who entertain themselves by making sand-castles.  

Perfect place to sit back and relax

It is one of the most famous beaches in the area but is not very crowded as most of the other beaches. Although it also attracts a great number of tourists the crowd remains bearable even in the peak season which is usually the holiday season in summers. If you are looking for solitude at the beach and to spend the day in peace, Camber Sands is the ideal option. Since beaches are the perfect picnic spots that people head over to, the visitors usually bring food and drinks with them and then enjoy that on the sand with friends and family. Since it is a relatively calm beach as it is not very crowded, so it is easy to find a quiet spot to enjoy the food. However, as an alternative to that, there is a café and a restaurant to facilitate the tourists. 

Activities at Camber Sands 

Things to do and what it’s famous for

After visiting the Camber Sands, you would realise that it is an exclusive spot that offers a little bit of everything. From chilly winds, mesmerising views, entertaining boat trips to luxurious dinner at the restaurant. Since it is a long stretch of fine, golden sand, so don’t miss the chance of taking strolls beside the rolling waves with fresh, sea air blowing over the face and enjoying the feeling of solitude.

Camber sands is not only a relaxing spot but also offers activities for active youngsters. Activities include kite surfing for which a kite surf centre is made close to the camber sands holiday cottages. Another significant factor about the Camber sands is that it has been used as a film location for various Hollywood movies. Scenes from “the Monuments men” and “Dunkirk” have been shot at this beach. You never know when you get lucky and bump into a celebrity at Camber Sands shooting an upcoming hit movie.

RIB tour

Since the beach is quite big, one way to have a look at the entire beach is through the RIB tour which is undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to enjoy the beach. This tour is conducted on inflatable boats which travel at an excessively high speed to provide the visitors an opportunity to enjoy the ride as well as see the entire beach. It departs from the Rye harbor, moves towards the channel and enters the sea. If you ever get a chance to visit Camber sands, do not forget to have a ride of these entertaining boats. While relaxing on the sand, keeping an eye at the beach to spot the seals which are residents of Camber sands. They are either seen lying at the harbour or resting at the shore. Keep your cameras close to capture the beautiful scene of seals playing in the sand. 

No restrictions on dogs

One problem that visitors usually have to face is the restriction of dogs at most of the beaches. One significant point about Camber Sands beach is that it is a dog-friendly beach. Dogs are allowed at the beach throughout the year so whenever you plan to visit the beach with your entire family, there is no need of leaving your dog behind because the dogs are allowed in the area. Also, the entire area of the beach has signs posted at all sides regarding any warning or restriction so in case of dogs are not allowed in a particular area, it will be indicated by the sign already.

Sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset are beautiful at the beach and it is completely fair to say that they are breathtaking at Camber sands beach. The scene becomes beautiful when seen from the long golden beach. So, plan your trip accordingly to capture this mesmerizing view in your cameras. Set an early alarm and head over to the beach to have a glimpse of the pink and red shades across the sky. End your day with a fine dining experience. So, plan your next holiday to Camber sands and do not miss the countless things that can be done here. 


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