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Searching for your next trip? This time we will be exploring the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. So, pack your bags and get ready for a thoughtful journey into Bahama islands. Don’t worry! You don’t need to buy a ticket. Just be with us throughout this article, and we will provide more information on the attractive cays, deep water reefs, and pristine white sand beaches of this beautiful country.

Is the Bahamas part of the Caribbean?

It is a group of islands that are sometimes considered a part of Caribbean sea. However, that’s not the case at all. Its geography is not associated with the Caribbean. Although some travel companies created this confusion to enhance their marketing benefits by including it in the sea region, the fact is that Bahamas sits on the north of Caribbean and not inside the Caribbean.

Is the Bahamas part of the US?

Another myth regarding the Bahamas is being a part of the US. This confusion evolved because of its proximity to Florida, a state in the US. It lies 80 km or 50 miles south-east off the coast of Florida, and because of that, it is a well famous visit point for Americans.

Where is the Bahamas located?

The Bahamas is in the North American region in the Lucayan Archipelago region of the West Indies. It is an archipelago (an extensive patch of islands) located in the open North Atlantic Ocean. Its exact location is north of Cuba and south-east of Florida. To its south-east are the Turks and Caicos Islands.

How many islands are in the Bahamas?

The area stretches about 13,878-kilometer square with 700 islands and 2400 cays. The interesting fact is that only thirty or thirty-one islands are inhabited. Andros island is the largest of all these. Some other important regions include New Providence Island, also called Nassau, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, The Exumas, Eleuthera, etc.

Bahamas Flag Facts

Bahamas Flag
Bahamas Flag

The country was once a British colony. At that time, the blue ensign flag represented the colonized nations with their territory signs. As for the Bahamas, the blue ensign was combined with a badge characterizing a British ship chasing out two pirate crafts in the sea. This depiction is confined in a broad width white circle with the motto- Expulsis Piratis, Restituta Commercia, meaning, Pirates expelled, commerce restored. This circle had a crown on its top. The badge also had a name band of “Bahamas” at its very base. This flag continued since 1850 and gained official status in 1964 under the British Empire.

Bahamas Flag Colors 

It became independent in 1973, and the newly created national flag was hoisted for the first time on its independence date 10 July 1973 at midnight. The story behind the creation of this flag is very interesting. A flag competition held before the country was about to be independent but rather than nominating a winning entry it was decided that all the entries be merged to create the national flag. Thus, the recent flag was formed this way. It is a three coloured striped horizontal flag having a proportion of 1 to 2. It consists of a yellow band in the middle sandwiched by two aquamarine bands one at the top and the other at the bottom. A black triangle at the hoist intersects through these strips pointing at the middle yellow stripe.

Bahamas Flag Meaning

A flag is not just a mere combination of colors and design rather it represents the whole scrutiny, the culture, the history, the politics, the economy, and the other proud aspects of a nation. In short, a flag is a coded version of a country’s esteem. That is why when the Bahamas became an independent state, a competition was held. And to get a perfect flag while honouring all the participants, a combined scheme was decided that consisted of a unique pattern aquamarine, Yellow, and Black. These three colours represent natural resources as well as the strength of people. Let us have a detailed look at its meaning.

The top and bottom aquamarine bands symbolize the sea and sea resources. The middle yellow or gold colour signifies the islands, the sun, the beautiful beaches, and all the resources within its land. Black is the colour of durability that portrays the value, potency, and energy of Bahamian people. The triangle that points at the yellow stripe describes the devotion of people towards their economy and business by excavation and utilization of all the resources within their land and water. The country is rich in having plenty of resources such as Pine Forests, Blue Holes, Largest Flats, Aragonite, Salt Ponds, Sponges, Coral reefs, etc.

Bahamas Population

According to United Nations records, the country has a population of about 393,267 people. It has 178th position on the list of countries (and dependencies) by population formulated by the latest United Nations Population Division estimates. Half of all its population is below 32.3 years, and the other half is above this median age. A large portion of its people (86.1%) live in urban areas. The overall population density is about 39 per Kilometer square. In the last ten years, the annual change in the population declined from 1.79% to 0.97%. The top three populated areas are Nassau, Lucaya, and Freeport with an average of 227940, 46525, and 26910 people residing in respectively. Most of the population is of African descent.

Bahamas Language

English, by far, is the official language here. However, you may find it a bit Bahamian. That is because the dialect is somehow specific. Spoken English has traces of Queen’s diction, African influence and island dialect. These elements mix all together and come up uniquely. For the people first time visiting here, it would be a little strange, but with a slight practice, you will get command in understanding the natives. 

The alphabet ‘h’ is not pronounced in Bahamas English dialect. That means you will be listening ‘ow’ instead of ‘how’, and ‘ace’ rather than the ‘ache’. Since the islands have been a house to many outside parties as to the pirates, European settlers, and African slaves, so the language here has grown out in a mixed culture and seems to be an amalgam of various dialects. However, the major influence is of African diction. You will find some of the very unique expressions and idioms that are only a distinction of Bahamian English. 

You won’t listen to these idioms anywhere around the globe. For example, ‘day clean’ is a daily idiom used often at workplaces in the Bahamas, it means the daybreak. Although the natives speak in such dialect, however, the official documents and educational works are bound to proceed in the standard British English. The other languages spoken here include Bahamian Creole and Haitian Creole.

Bahamas Interesting Facts

  • The Bahamas is the home to beautiful white and pink sand beaches. The fun fact is, it seems easily visible from space. The bluish clear and crystal waters splurging alongside the coasts are a matchless scene to view. The country has awesome beach resorts each pertaining with a tranquil touristic experience.
  • Apart from usual water sports, a fun swim experience with the pigs awaits you here. One of the Exuma cays known as Big Major Cay or Pig Island located in the north of George Town provides you with this amusing activity. Here you will find the pigs swimming underwater. It is a happy resort for families and couples.
  • The commonwealth of Bahamas has a notorious history. These islands were once a shelter for the pirates who looted the ships passing through Caribbean waters. The golden age of piracy lasted from 1690 to 1720. They turned Nassau into a pirate base and plundered many vessels. Their looted goods included gold, silver, salt, elephant tusks, etc.
  • The tourists who love to explore life underwater have remarkable opportunities here. The endless shores and beaches offer you an amazing snorkelling experience. Some of the best scuba diving options are on Andros island, Bimini, Long Island, etc.

Places to Visit for Tourists

If you plan to visit here, be sure you have enough stay time for there are many opportunities that you must visit. These islands are so vast and taming with fun activities that sometimes even the top visitors miss out the spectacular spots. Here are some of the places that are worth visiting for all tourists:

  • Nassau is the capital port city and most of the travellers stay here. Whether you want to have dolphin fun or to have a stroll in gardens, it is the perfect spot.
  • Harborside Resort offers the extraordinary beach experience with pink sands. It is another home to rich people for their leisure.
  • Of more than 2000 cays, Treasure cay is a striking place for sun basks on its soft and creamy sand. It is also famous for game fishing tournaments.
  • Grand Bahama has lovely beaches and delicious restaurants. If you come here, don’t miss the sea jewellery shopping.
  • Elbow cay will take you back in history. The cottages and the lighthouse offer immense pleasure to the visitors.


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