Florida Map with Cities | Florida City Map | A Guide to the Cities in Florida

Florida cities and counties map
Florida cities and counties map

Florida Map with Cities | Florida City Map | A Guide to the Cities in Florida


Florida is a tropical state situated in the Southeast of the United States. The state is home to the incredible coastline, beautiful nature, and vast national parks.

Visitors enjoy the vast hiking trails that total over 9,200 miles, the notorious Florida Everglades, and over 1200 golf courses. Florida is also home to a variety of famous cities such as Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.

There are so many great things to do in the state, from fishing to surfing. There is something for everyone.

Here is an insight into Florida’s cities.

What are the top 5 major cities in Florida?


Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida. It has a population of just over 900,000. And it’s the biggest city in the United States, with an incredible size of over 840 miles.

Visitors will enjoy the variety of zoos, museums, and beautiful state parks that surround the city. You will enjoy some great nightlife, shops, and restaurants all of which you’d expect in the state’s biggest city.

One of the most popular attractions in the city is the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and it’s home to an incredible array of wildlife from African to native animals.


Situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Tampa is an excellent city that is home to just under 400,000 people.

Visitors know Tampa for the incredible gulf coast beaches, very humid weather, a world-class theme park. Stunning nature surrounds the city with some of Florida’s most beautiful scenery.

If you visit Tampa, you should check out the Tampa riverwalk, the city’s most fantastic scenery. But it would be best if you also visited attractions such as the Big Cat Rescue, the Busch Gardens, and the Sunshine Skywalk Bridge.


Miami is one of the most famous cities in the whole of the United States. Situated in the Southeast of Florida, this city is home to incredible beaches, nightlife, and zoos.

With a population of only 470,914 (2018), the city is relatively small. However, visitors will enjoy a range of attractions from world-class shopping malls, botanic gardens, and museums.

One of the most popular things to do in Miami is to explore the Everglades National Park. It is home to a vast array of unique, native wildlife that will fascinate any nature lover. And it’s famous for the enormous alligators that reside there.


Orlando is a globally famous tourist destination that is home to Walt Disney World. This theme park attracts an incredible 58 million tourists per year.

Orlando is home to various popular entertainment attractions such as the Universal Studios Florida, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Universals Islands of Adventure.

The city only has a population of 285,713, but it remains one of the world’s most popular entertainment hubs. And an excellent spot for the family.

St. Petersburg

If you want delightful weather, be sure to visit the 5th biggest city in Florida. St. Petersburg is one of the sunniest cities in the USA and has around 360 days of sun per year.

The city has a population of only 273,000, yet it’s home to some great attractions such as The Dali Museum. And this museum is home to the most extensive array of Salvador Dali artwork outside of Europe.

But you should also visit the beautiful Fort De Soto Park, which is home to some beautiful natural space and islands. The city is home to excellent museums, food, shops, and entertainment options.

What is the best area in Florida?

Florida has many great areas, and the best place depends on your individual needs.

Miami is the most popular place in the state. And it’s the hub of many great things that Florida has to offer. Furthermore, it’s closely connected to world-class beaches, nightlife, and national parks.

But better still, it’s very closely connected to other parts of the state. You can travel to Orlando with ease, and public transport to other cities is excellent too.

But if you’re looking for a quieter place with less nightlife and partying. Then you might prefer some of the smaller cities such as Tampa or St. Peterburg.

The state has incredible things on offer; it depends on what you want.

What cities are in the south of Florida?

The main cities in the south of Florida are Tampa and Miami. These two cities are a 4-hour drive apart.

There are other smaller cities in South Florida, such as Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, and Port St. Lucie. These are small cities with populations of less than 250,000.

What cities are in the north of Florida?

North Florida is a much quieter part of the state. There aren’t any major cities located there. But the biggest cities are Tallahassee and Gainsville, and they have populations of under 180,000.

If you’re in North Florida, there is a lot of nature to explore. Popular attractions include national parks, beaches, and swimming spots all around the area. With the area being more secluded, there is no shortage of camping spots to enjoy the beautiful nature.

What are the best things to do in Florida?

If you’re in Florida, here are some of the best things that you should do.

Visit Walt Disney World

Probably, the most loved family attraction in the world. If you’re in Florida, you must visit the home of Disney. The family will have the most incredible memories, and you could spend weeks here and still feel like you haven’t seen enough.

Visit the Everglades National Park

Without a doubt, you should take a trip to the Everglades National Park. The park is incredibly world-famous. It is home to some incredible nature—a must-see.

Visit South Beach, Miami

South Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the USA. You can do anything here from partying, surfing, sunbathing, you name it.

Explore the Wynwood Walls

Home to some of the coolest art in the world, if you’re in Miami, you must visit Wynwood Walls. Visitors love the vast array of incredible street and graffiti art. It is one of the best outdoor museums in America.


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