How Tall Is Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt Height, Age, Weight, And Much More

How Tall Is Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt Height, Age, Weight, And Much More
How Tall Is Brad Pitt? Brad Pitt Height, Age, Weight, And Much More





Wondering how you might measure up if you were ever lucky enough to find yourself on the red carpet next to a famous actor like Brad Pitt? We have the answer to the often-asked question: “How Tall is Brad Pitt?” and so much more!

According to Celebrity Heights, Brad Pitt is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. The average height when it comes to American Men like Brad Pitt is only 5 feet and 9 inches tall, making the 59 year-old actor taller than average. That being said, he is roughly the same in height as Jake Gyllenhaal, Mickey Rourke, and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

In this article, you will find out how tall Brad Pitt really is, but you’ll also learn even more about how to realistically picture the famous actor. You’ll find out how much he weighs, as well as interesting additional facts like how old he is, which may surprise you! With so much to go over, let’s get started!

How Tall is Brad Pitt?

How Tall Is Brad Pitt?
How Tall Is Brad Pitt?

Standing next to someone you’ve only seen in the movies or in pictures online can come as a real additive to the adrenaline that being star-struck gives the steadiest of fans! To help you be as prepared as possible if you ever get to meet Brad Pitt, we’ve prepared the answer to the question: “How Tall is Brad Pitt?”

Brad Pitt is five feet and a startling eleven inches tall! This means, as we mentioned previously, that he is even taller than the average American male by about two full inches. Though he is not the only actor who is this tall, sharing the height with George Clooney, Mickey Rourke, and Jake Gyllenhaal, it is still very impressive. After all, Johnny Depp himself is only 5’10.

How Much Does Brad Pitt Weigh?

Brad Pitt weighs exactly 172 pounds, otherwise known as 78 kilograms. This puts him very nicely within the healthy weight range for the average man his height, according to Banner Health.

Brad Pitt’s weight is healthy and impressive enough, but he has been known to change this weight for various roles. In fact, the actor’s part in the movie “Fight Club” had him eating very cleanly for several months. Apparently, he ate lots of proteins like fish, chicken, but also carbs such as pasta and rice, only green vegetables, and fiber-rich oatmeal.

Of course, this involved plenty of workouts, too. Brad Pitt used half of the exercises one would usually find in the regimen of a bodybuilder. For example, he would target body areas like the arms, legs, and chest with repetitive exercises. This would usually go on for about four days before switching to cardio like running or swimming. On Sunday, Brad Pitt will rest.

Nowadays, Brad Pitt continues to work out just one muscular area per exercise session, distributing the weight training that he partakes in between five days out of each week.

How Old is Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt’s height is impressive enough, but his stellar good looks and great shape might cause you to misunderstand how old he is, too. Would it surprise you to learn that Brad Pitt is actually 59 years of age?

It’s true: Brad Pitt was born in 1963, on December 18th. This was the same year that notable events took place, including the Civil Rights Movement’s March on Washington including Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and United States President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

During this same year, the “Fight Club” actor was born William Bradley Pitt in the town of Shawnee, in the state of Oklahoma. His father was a trucking company proprietor named William Alvin Pitt, and his mother, Jane Etta, was a school counselor.

Eventually, the entire family moved to Missouri, where Brad Pitt’s little brother Douglas Mitchell and Julie Neal were born. Though he was born into a household where the religion was primarily conservative Christian, Brad Pitt later dabbled in atheism and agnosticism before settling on spiritual beliefs.

Brad Pitt was a star student in Kickapoo High School, being a prime member of the swimming team, the golf team, and the tennis team. At the same time, he participated in the Forensics and Key clubs, entered into school debates, and of course, performed in musicals.

Eventually Brad Pitt became a student of the University of Missouri in the year 1982. He majored in journalism and advertising, not in film. However, it was not long before his interest in films caused Brad Pitt to head to Los Angeles and pursue acting lessons, though he dropped out of college just two weeks before earning his degree.

At first, Brad Pitt primarily landed uncredited, small roles in films during the late 1980s. However, he eventually won critical acclaim for his excellence in the role of a villainous drug addict in the television movie “Too Young to Die” by NBC in the year 1990. He landed on the radar of film critics again in “Thelma and Louise” in 1991.

The next movie that Brad Pitt gained attention for was “A River Runs Through It” by Robert Redford in 1992. Though he was widely praised for portraying Paul Maclean with depth, Brad Pitt himself felt that his own performance was weak while the cast and crew of the film elevated the role.

Though each of these roles were foundational in Brad Pitt’s career, his true breakout role is thought by many to be Tristan Ludlow in the film “Legends of the Fall,” released in 1994. For this, Brad Pitt was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor! Later, he would be well-remembered for his role in “Fight Club,” a 1999 cult classic film.

Since then, with romantic comedy hits like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” action-packed thrillers like “Oceans’ Eleven,” and even some voice acting in DreamWorks’ “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” on his resume, it is no wonder Brad Pitt is an international acting superstar!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Brad Pitt is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, making him an impressive 2 inches taller than the average American male. That being said, nothing else about this actor is average! From his early high school days, to his all-star lineup of film credits, Brad Pitt has always been reaching for new heights of talent.

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