How Tall Is Cher? Cher Height, Age, Weight And Much More

How Tall Is Cher? Cher Height, Age, Weight And Much More
How Tall Is Cher? Cher Height, Age, Weight And Much More

All About Cher: Facts About the Singer’s Height, Age, Weight, And Much More!






Singer, actress, and television icon all rolled into one, Cher has been defying expectations and breaking boundaries ever since her career began. Decades later, she remains a powerful icon of female empowerment in the music industry.

From her iconic 70’s television show to her award winning movie performances to her continuous stage presence, audiences cannot get enough of the “Goddess of Pop”. This article will dive into some facts about the diva, from the basics like age and height to the more complicated parts of her life.

How Tall Is Cher?

How Tall Is Cher?
How Tall Is Cher?

Cher measures 5 feet and 7 inches in height, alternatively measured as 170.18 centimeters tall. Although Cher is by no means short, she is known to be fond of high heeled shoes and boots, as well as platform shoes. This may contribute to her looking taller than she really is. The singer claims she is fond of these kinds of shoes because it makes people look good, not due to any insecurity about her height.

How Old Is Cher?

Cher is currently 77 years old. Born on May 20, 1946, Cher grew up in Los Angeles, California and loved performing from a young age. She organized and produced a performance of the musical Oklahoma! for her class when she was just in fifth grade. The performance consisted of girls only with Cher singing and acting the male roles, which is thought to potentially contribute to her iconic low voice.

Cher’s love of performance was inspired by actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, and Katherine Hepburn and was determined even as a child to be famous. She was only 16 when she dropped out of high school and released her first song with the help of soon to be husband Sonny Bono and the now imprisoned record producer Phil Spector.

For subsequent decades, Cher has continued to perform as a singer, releasing multiple albums. To this day, at the age of 77, she still performs live on stage and shows no signs of retiring.

How Much Does Cher Weigh?

In recent years, Cher has weighed about 135 pounds, alternatively measured at 61 kilograms. In her younger years, Cher weighed around 106 pounds, alternatively measured as 48 kilograms. The singer says she maintained a weight of about 106 pounds until her late 40’s, in which she gained a little weight. However, for the majority of her life, Cher has been on the slimmer side and is well known for showing off her midriff in her outfits on television and during her stage performances.

Does Cher Use A Stage Name?

Cher’s full name is Cherilyn Sarkisian. However, she simply goes by the moniker “Cher” for her singing and acting. She has had multiple legal name changes through the years, including a name change to Cheryl LaPiere when her stepfather adopted her and multiple surnames through multiple marriages. In 1979, she legally had her name changed to Cher with no surname attached. Since then, her stage name and legal name have been synonymous.

In the earliest years of her career, she did go by other stage names, including the moniker Bonnie Jo Mason on her very first song. She later worked as a duo with Sonny Bono under the group name Caesar & Cleo, but the pair eventually renamed their group to Sonny & Cher in 1965.

Cher briefly went by the stage name Cherilyn at the end of 1964 when Sonny became her music producer. However, when her debut album was released, she went by the name Cher and has continued to do so since in both her singing and acting career.

Who Is Cher Married To?

Currently, Cher is not married to anyone. She has had two marriages, the most famous of which was with Sonny Bono. She first met Sonny Bono when he was still working under Phil Spector. Cher actually worked as Sonny’s housekeeper before being introduced to Phil, who then had her do backup vocals for many songs and eventually produced her first song.

A couple years after meeting, Cher and Sonny married unofficially in Mexico in 1964. The two then went on to work as a music duo, with their big hit “I Got You Babe” rocketing them to stardom in 1965. The couple eventually married officially in 1969 after Cher gave birth to their child.

Marital issues for the couple arose in 1972, but they tried to maintain their public appearance for several years until their official divorce was finalized in 1975. Cher was granted custody of their child. 

Four days after the divorce was finalized, Cher married musician Gregg Allman. The pair nearly divorced a week after their marriage due to Gregg Allman’s issues with drugs and alcohol, but the pair remained married until 1979. She has had other romantic relationships since but no marriages. 

Does Cher Have Any Children?

Cher has two children, one from each marriage. Her first child, Chaz Bono, was born in 1969 under the name Chastity Bono and was often featured on television with Sonny and Cher. Chaz has since become famous in his own way, having been outed as lesbian in 1995 by the press and eventually transitioning from female to male in the late 2000’s. He has remained close with his mother since and Cher has become an LGBT rights activist because of Chaz.

Cher’s second child is Elijah Blue Allman, also known as Phillips Exeter Blue. He was born in 1976 and has gone on to be a singer and guitarist for metal band Deadsy. He worked as a guitarist for his mother when he was just 13, going on tours with her and appearing in music videos with her. He has continued to work in music but it is unclear if he is still close with his mother, either professionally or familially. 

What Awards Has Cher Won?

Cher has won many accolades throughout her career for both her singing and acting. In addition to being one of the best selling music artists of all time, Cher is also the only artist to have a number one single on the Billboard charts for six consecutive decades. 

For her music, Cher has been nominated multiple Grammy Awards, including Best Dance Recording, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Album. She has only won once for Best Dance Recording for her song Believe.

For her acting, Cher has won an Oscar for her leading role in Moonstruck. She was previously nominated for her role in Silkwood in 1984. She was also nominated at the Primetime Emmy Awards multiple times for her contributions to the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

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